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  1. @Whistle @Cheerio @Tagor @Chibi Sam Winchester @DavidMS703 Thank you all for your responses. What you said really makes me feel better and more valid in what I feel I feel like I'm definitely in the right place here. I think I label myself as aromantic, but I'll wait to come out to my friends and family. @Cheerio You mentioned youtubers, could you recommend any? I searched youtube but most of the stuff that popped up wasn't about aromanticism, instead it was about romance. That would be really helpful.
  2. Hey everyone I don't know if this is the right place to write this... but I could use some help. I think I might be aromantic (surprise surprise, I know this is arocalypse...) I'm 18 and I have never had a crush, fallen in love or been in a relationship and I have no urge to change that. I didn't even realize in the beginning that this was not normal, I always got the feeling that I missed some kind of step when everybody around me started dating and I'm just not interested in it. I admit, I'm not the kind of girl anybody wanted to ask out or was interested in, but that never
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