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  1. You might be aro if you spent your teen years imagining scenarios in which you become roommates with/getting adopted by characters instead of fantasizing about dating them
  2. Care: 92% Fairness: 92% Purity: 56% Loyalty: 14% Authority: 17% Liberty: 50%
  3. *semi graphic gore description* Bones (the tv show) terrified me (especially the scene where the guy came out of the closet and slit someone's throat), and before that, there was that one scene in Monk (tv show) where the elephant smashed the guy's head like a watermelon. eugh.
  4. I'm hoping that too. Thank you for replying, and I hope that this is a helpful and understanding site for you, too.
  5. I have very long, very intricate dreams, and I usually have more than one dream in one night. I don't think my senses are very good, and I can't remember ever having dreamed in third person.
  6. I like Dan and Phil (they're like comfort viewing) I also like Watts the Safeword, and Thomas Sanders, Jessica Kellgren-Folzard, and I'm just getting into Lovely Lor. Generally I like to watch videos of people being happy and having fun.
  7. I love Swan by Willa as an aromantic song
  8. If it's someone I know and am comfortable with, I'm fine. I generally prefer to not wear much due to sensory issues, so that might be it.
  9. Jasmine and African Breakfast are my two favorites, and I also never drink....coffee. I gotta be careful about how often I drink those two because if I drink it too often, I'll get sick of them, and I won't be able to drink 'em for a while.
  10. Hi, I'm Nancy (any pronouns will do). I'm aromantic, but not romance repulsed. I like reading, pole dancing, trapeze, writing, and fish. I'm autistic and I also have ADHD. I'm currently a junior in high school, and I have two cats.
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