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  1. Am I the only one that feels like they're missing out on certain things in life due to being aro? More and more people around me are getting into romantic relationships and are being more vocal about their crushes and seeing them makes me feel like I'm missing out on romantic relationships (even if I know they never work out for me since I'm aro and things always get muddled and messed up because of it). Maybe it's because a friend of mine keeps bugging me and telling me about how romantic relationships change a person and how great they are and I guess also because I'm touched starved
  2. when I was in a romantic relationship about a year or so back I ended up technically cheating on them (I was drunk + we were playing truth or dare/dare or dare)(it was only kissing also). I was completely transparent about the whole ordeal, telling them the day after, knowing that it wasn't the first time I kissed someone when I was with them and they didn't seem to be bothered about it. They made a whole thing of it this time, making me make a groupchat with them and my friends (which was a mess because of language barriers and it made the whole thing worse) even after I apologised multiple t
  3. I've been in a good number of relationship (around 3 or 4) but I was confusing strong platonic feelings with romantic feelings and with my very last relationship, I was debating if I was aro before it happened and I guess I used the relationship to prove that I wasn't (which was sh*tty of me tbh). We ended up breaking things off because they didn't feel the same about me anymore and I felt very conflicted with being in a relationship. When ever a relationship ended I didn't feel the "heartbreak" or "falling out of love" feeling, I just was like 'okay see ya I guess' and got over my feelings th
  4. (btw I wrote the post last night when I was kinda sleep deprived so my phrasing wasn't the best) I assume he's allo from what I know about him (but I should talk to him about it to be sure) and he does understand the difference between romantic and platonic love/feelings. When I meant a full QPR I probably meant actually having that title to the relationship I have with him. I guess I'm scared to talk about it to him because he doesn't know I'm aro and I don't want any drama with the last person I was in a romantic relationship with in case he tells them (since they're friends). If
  5. I've recently discovered that I have some sort of a squish on my best friend. We haven't known each other for long (about 8 months) and already have some sort of weird platonic relationship (it's hard to explain), but I know that he won't ever reciprocate the want to have a full qpr (he's alloromantic and has a gf). I'm really happy with our relationship atm but it still kinda hurts that I won't ever fully be that special person (I'm still very happy that he has found someone like his gf, someone that makes him happy like that). Do any of you have any tips of stopping or getting over a sq
  6. YMBAI you always got over breakups the minute it happened YMBAI you ever felt anxiety when someone tried to be romantic with you (and not in the 'i can't believe this is happening what if i screw up' butterfly feeling anxiety) YMBAI you felt bad for being in a romantic relationship with someone, feeling that you weren't being honest to yourself or them
  7. i've always been the type of person that gets over break ups or rejections easily (now realising they were just squishes) and that tends to get "feelings" (they aren't feelings, it's my brain getting excited over the fact that i've made a new friend) toward someone very quickly that end up disappearing a couple hours later. i also always found myself not very fond of the idea of being in a relationship myself but i do like looking at other people in relationship (it depends tho).
  8. when it comes to kissing and cuddling, i need to really trust the person and have a deep connection with them. they should also warn me before doing anything more than a hug because sometimes physical touch can be too much if that makes sense.
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