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  1. Apparently love is 90% about sex, yikes. You're not in wrong for thinking that. Guess we aromantics are robots after all...
  2. I'm kind of surprised I haven't seen any topics nor forums about this on Arocalpyse either (posted this on AVEN too), so I decided to open one here as well and ask some questions aside from that, so it'd be great if some of you guys could help me out. I also think it might be of more use if I asked fellow aromantics, so here goes nothing. I've circled back into my questioning fase and I've been wondering about what relationship/friendship I'd want and if really I'm aromantic. One reason is that I fantasize a lot, like every day. The fantasies seem nice, but
  3. I seem to match different identities on the aro-spectrum, cupioromantic seems to fit me too. But thank you very much!
  4. It has been more in my head, I fantasize a lot about it. When my friends talk about it, I'm kind of indifferent and I wish most of the time that I could tell them that it makes me a bit uncomfortable talking about romance or boys etc. Yes, I will. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it very much.
  5. A short description of me to help; -I'm female. -I'm 16. -I'm asexual for SURE. -I've never experienced romantic attraction YET. -The only thing I've experienced was alterous attraction, so I only wanted to be closer with someone emotionally, not romantically. That was when I was 11. -I always feel disconnected from romance when I think about, but I really want to experience it. -I don't mind being with a girl or a boy romantically. -I don't experience sexual attraction, but I'm sex-indifferent, not repulsed. -I would have sex with my partner
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