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Why does the above post offend you?


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I'm offended that you didn't state your reasoning on that. I mean what kind of post is that? Can you imagine if I went into tumblr or reddit and was like "Cats r offensive"? I would get mauled, especially for not offering a reason why cats are offensive. So to now have you say this, that you're offended by my poor Japan statement, without any sort of rhyme or reason to your post is kind of confounding. And I thought I was Arocalypse's shitposter. You better not be taking my position away. I'm so offended that I would fight you in a shitpost war for the title.

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6 hours ago, Ace of Amethysts said:

I'm offended because that's not my name. xD

I'm offended by your change but also I'm going to keep calling you screw a because it has charm to it


im offended z thinks we deserve names

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