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  1. I'm offended because your post is too long.
  2. Alright I wouldn't mind playing a game. Sounds fun... if weirdly specific. 1
  3. Although I do generally consider myself as asexual, I do have to say that I'm still a little confused. It's hard say if this sexual attraction or just fetishism, but I have always held some sort of... let's say "erotic appreciation" for the male form. The idea of being naked and having close contact with another guy does sound appealing to me, but the idea of having sex... not so much. Ideally I'd like to be naked with another guy who feels the same way as me because I don't know how I would deal with someone who only sees being naked and snuggling as a means to and end (sex) rather than an end in itself. With all of that being said, I've never been anywhere close to actually getting naked with other people and in practical life. I always try to be modest. I couldn't ever imagine people I already know as being naked and the idea of them being naked or me being naked around them makes me a bit uncomfortable.
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