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Topics for aro-ace meeting?

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Hey, all! Kinda new at this, so please tell me if I'm screwing up with the format of this or something.


I go to an aromantic and asexual group at college, and while it's nice... a lot of the time the suggested topics tend to be pretty often only about asexuality. Anyone got ideas for aromantic-focused topics or starters? Or at least, ones that aren't solely about asexuality?

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Some ideas:

  • How people imagine their life when they are in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s etc. For most alloromantic folks, its pretty straightfoward, but many aros just have no idea.
  • How to talk about platonic feelings, especially in a context where romance is assumed
  • Maintaining long term friendships.
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  • Consent in non-sexual situations 
  • People's personal experiences with amatonormativity, if they feel pressured to date, feel bad about expectations, feel like they want something people have trouble understanding even as a concept.
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How about other types of relationships beside romantic partners? I think it follows @Cassiopeia's first point about imagining what life would be like later on because it helps define what each person would want when they maintain ties with others right now and pave the way for those relationships in the future. Relationship anarchy, non-sexual/romantic polyamory, platonic friends and families, sexual partners, and queer platonic relationships are all a great place to start.


Practice communicating negative emotions in respectful ways?  Or practice saying "no" with varying degrees of force? I've met people of all orientations who go with the flow because they're too scared/anxious or don't know how to bring up things they see negatively. There's a form of communication my therapist introduced me to called Non-Violent Communication that works a bit like this: https://www.cnvc.org/[ogname]/giraffe-and-jackal-ears-exercise ('jackal ears' is a euphamism for when we listen from a  place of fear and blame, 'giraffe ears' for when we listen from a place of compassion and curiosity of the other's needs). There are many resources online if you or your group is interested.

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