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  1. Hi aroscorpio! I'm aroace, so while I can't tell you what sexual attraction feels like (you might have to see if one of the lovely aroallos or grey aces here can give you that perspective), I can tell you why I don't think I experience sexual attraction. I was about 16-17 when I realized that it wasn't considered normal to not be interested in having sex with people. It came as somewhat of a surprise to me because I had been projecting my view of sex and interest in it onto others without asking then about it. When I did start talking to my friends and family about it, they acknowled
  2. I know a few people have posted that they don't personally see a lot of worth in apply these terms to themselves (which is fair! Any label is only as useful as you find it), but I have found the terms romance-repulsion and romance-averse to be really helpful terms for me to understand why I tend to shy away from people that seem overly positive towards me or overly interested in me, even if I've enjoyed spending time with them before. My aversion tends to start with touch, since I'm not a touchy person in general. There's a lot of boundaries that have to be established before I'm even oka
  3. Hi izzyruth92! I don't know what stage of planning the TAAAP is in for these discussions, but do you know when/how they're planning to host these discussions? Like if they're considering Discord or Zoom or something on their website. I saw that there was a question about how people responding to this questionnaire would be able to participate, so I understand that they might not have decided on the particular method as of yet. Just curious about the range they're considering.
  4. Thanks for sharing, Mark! I've been trying to look up sources for where the assertion that love doesn't appear in Western society until recently is from, since I want to have a solid foundation when I try to explain it to the people around me, but I'm having mixed results when I try to look up love in anthropological studies. Do you have any links or titles of books/aticles that you can point me to that explore that idea? Hey aro_elise! If you wanted to read the book and have someone to discuss each chapter with, I'd be all for discussing it here!! Sorry about the late reply, Qim ^
  5. I just finished reading the book today, and I'm still glad I picked it up! Looking up information on the author confirmed for me that she has a worldview that jives with me (feminist, trans-friendly, fat positivity), which might be why I found the ideas in her book easy to digest. I think some ideas in the book will be difficult for different groups of people to agree with, for different reasons. I think this book would interest anyone who wanted to explore the history behind how heterosexuality (and the rise of sexual orientation and sexual identity as concepts) became what it is today.
  6. More specifically, I'm reading Straight: The Surprisingly Short History of Heterosexuality by Hanne Blank. As the author points out time and again, you can't understand sexuality without looking at heterosexuality and what the so-called "standard" was considered to be, so I took a chance and borrowed the e-book. Even then, I never expected to find vindication in the written form! It's been a wonderful read all around so far. Just tonight, I got so excited when I reached "Chapter 4: The Marrying Type" and came across this paragraph that had me SCREAMING (emphasis my own): "As difficult as
  7. Where will we go? Who will we be?
  8. Don't the children (our future) matter to you?
  9. If it wasn't through Tumblr, it was probably by searching on Google for an online community and other aromantic resources for myself.
  10. I had two friends in college that had an on-off close friendship. It was on-off because one was a really popular guy who a lot of girls at school liked, and the other was this low empathy girl that the girls would say nasty things about because of her relationship to this guy and her perceived "slutty nature" (I was shocked when I first heard this, and later about how regular an occurrence this was; I thought our school and our classmates were better than that). In their "on" phase, they were really close and touchy and I felt like I was imposing on them being there, so I would lea
  11. Why must we question a topic's depth if it makes people think?
  12. In fact, what is the purpose of rules if not to be questioned and broken?
  13. Random person from India takes the cake by a long-shot. They messaged me on Facebook and said they were disappointed I didn't remember them when I asked who they were. So when I asked how we met they responded (and I quote): "We met in this beautiful world...bottom of vast sky and on above of green ground.. šŸ˜‰" I just said that didn't really narrow things down. Turns out they just saw my profile picture and decided to hmu.
  14. Welcome! Feel free to read around the forums if you have other questions or want to know what being aro is like for us. I know you asked us to help you determine whether you're aro or not, but we cannot tell you. You have to tell us. If you think you are aro, then we accept that you are aro. And if you are aro now and discover you have a different romantic attraction or are somewhere else on the aromantic spectrum, then we will accept that. And if you find out that you were never aro, then it is perfectly ok to say you're aro now until you find that out! You are who you say you are
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