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ADHD and AroAce


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So I'm just curious is there any correlation between ADHD and AroAce less so In the disorder more so in the medication because I did previously had crushed when I was 6 and when I was 11 I began taking meds for ADHD and hsvent since so it could lower libido or romantic attraction idk maybe I'm secretly straight but the medicine take away my libido lol so if you have ADHD or take ADHD mes share your thoughts 

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maybe this is not what you need but i just randomly found a post about struggles people with adhd might face when it comes to sex. there’re also some people sharing how’s it for them in the comments. so maybe it’s not a low libido or anything but adhd experience. i don’t see anyone talking about how’s it with meds tho


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On 2/1/2023 at 2:31 PM, Holmbo said:

I've never heard of medication affecting romantic attraction. Interesting question. I suppose in theory it could affect it by changing mood and maybe also feelings of attachment.

It's said about SSRIs that they blunt romantic feelings (see here), but they obviously aren't an ADHD medication.

If I knew the exact meds OP is taking, I could search for their side effects. But not knowing them, I don't have the desire to sift through all this huge amount of misinformation and exaggeration on psych meds (still a hot button topic).

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la verdad no lo se, tengo TDAH y la verdad no creo que eso afecte en el hecho de ser AroAce pero no lose talvez, supongo que habra que investigar mas a fondo

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