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It's not valentines day yet!!!


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5 hours ago, roboticanary said:

Does anyone else get the feeling that valentines day is doing a Christmas and sneaking earlier and earlier every year.

Because it seems like that to me and I'm not keen on this development 

Well y’know, capitalism loves to milk it

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(I absolutely not made a selection of romantic books for the high school's library where I work...

Absolutely not)


That being said, Valentine's day is very commercial. And the so one it began, the more they make money...

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3 minutes ago, Jot-Aro Kujo said:

Considering people need time to plan, prepare, and buy things if they intend on doing something in particular, I think that's a totally reasonable frame of time. 

ok that is fair.

the idea of planning for things is not one I am usually interested in, wing it and things will be alright. Not sure which is more disturbing to me, that people are romantic or that people are organised.

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