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Hi all,


I'm a non-binary person, twenty-something years old, living in Scandinavia. As for my gender, I'm quite unsure about everything but I think I'm gender fluid or something like that. My social personality and ways of communication tend to be quite stably feminine, so I usually tend to prefer feminine companion.


I'm also aromantic. I've never felt attracted to anyone and can't imagine a romantic relationship with anyone. Still I'd like to find a partner (or two) for some kind of relationship, some person/people to share my apartment, bed and life with.


As for sexuality, I'm demisexual. Again I'm attracted mostly to feminine people. However my body dysphoria makes sexual things a bit tricky to me...


A bit about myself... I consider myself to be quite sensitive, caring, thoughtful and empathetic, and also rather introverted person. However, making friends has always been very difficult to me and I'm often feeling very lonely. I'm also rather introverted person. As for my hobbies and interests, I really love performing arts and classical music and other kinds of arts too. I love nature, forests and seas and like sailing and taking walks in the forests. And I always enjoy deep and thoughtful conversations over a cup of tea.

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