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  1. I've always thought your profile pic is cute, but I got to the episode it's from last summer. Gotta love how at the end of the episode no-one brings up Spock was stroking another sentient, intelligent being. Damn, you're obviously a huge Trekkie with a low-key obsession with Spock based on your profile. Same. I'm finishing season three of TOS with a person who I staged a Spirk wedding with.

  2. I don't even understand romance as a feeling, much less everything that's associated with it.
  3. Feeling butterflies in your stomach is more often a biochemical reaction than it is a reaction specifically to love. It's more of a mere indicator, which is why such an uncomfortable feeling is associated with love. However, it's also common when people feel nervous, which they can be, for many many reasons. The science behind this "butterflies in stomach" reaction as per Google: Hormones are released in this situation to primarily increase blood flow to the muscles and get us ready for action. So because more blood is now directed to the muscles, there is less blood aiding di
  4. Vulcan, as a planet that has an orbit closer to our sun (40 Eridani A), is dry and often have temperatures higher than 43oC. All vulcans are used to this, although there are air-conditioned shelters for humans unaccustomed to such temperatures. On Earth, I live in a country where the normal average temperature is above 30oC. Furthermore, I was in a sports team and we trained constantly in the sun for hours. I wouldn't call it hot, more like normal to warm. But I guess that's subjective.
  5. Same here. My only friend in school started dating a couple of months ago and I'm feeling the loss quite deeply right now. I don't want to begrudge her their relationship because she deserves one, but at the same time, I wish she'd spend more time with me like she used to. It's also fairly awkward, because sometimes I just need some body contact (because I'm stressed or nervous) and I used to lowkey cuddle up against my friend but now she's got her girlfriend and I don't know if cuddling would be inappropriate when they're sitting together and also all the other invisible lines tha
  6. So I've just been put in a study group with a boy who's expressed romantic love for me (and is hopelessly misogynistic and homophobic) whom I'm trying to avoid. That's not a good reason to switch groups, so I can't. Fuck me.

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    2. Midnightrune


      @Ace-TheTimelordsCompanion thank you. I really didn't know about those things being part of sexual harassment. I don't think it's that hostile but I will definitely keep that in mind. I guess it's difficult to know when some things get proper serious when it comes to this sort of thing, but I promise I'll try to speak up when I do feel uncomfortable. Thanks :)

    3. paporomantic


      If he's 'very fixed in his opinion' (any of his opinions, for that matter), then he can't be 'very smart'. Intelligent people listen to others' arguments and acknowledge their own mistakes.

    4. omitef


      @paporomantic Ah, but you forget about the dudebro immunity. If you are a guy, you are always logical and rational in every single field because emoshuns are for da wimminz and you are nuttin' but a manlee man's man. *sarcasm*


  7. Just saying, it's a fine pity the Green Arrow isn't aromantic 

    1. paporomantic


      Merida is sometimes depicted in a greenish dress, though.

  8. INTP I always have to point this out in MBTI posts: I think it's well worth it to note that MBTI doesn't function on it's own. Jungian cognitive functions work hand in hand with the MBTI personality test, as well as explain the Myers-Briggs type in further detail, and how your type came to be. I definitely think people interested in MBTI should at least check out cognitive functions because it's less categorized than the MBTI and much more in depth. A tumblr user named Eilamona has also collated the relationships between MBTI and several other personality tests, so if a
  9. Exactly. This forum is amazing. It's very well organized and the graphics are beautiful. I love how fast the suggestions are implemented and really appreciate the effort Blue Phoenix Ace has put in to make this a really awesome and welcoming community
  10. When I read this, I immediately thought of #lovewins that flooded twitter when gay marriage was legalized in the US, and like all other stuff used to defend LGBT stuff like "love is blind" or "love sees no gender' and whatnot.
  11. Being colourblind using the defualt green theme: "Hmmm, why does everything look red?"

    FML. :facepalm:

  12. Relate? Most definitely. I don't know if I actually have it though, at least, not to the point where it's a serious thing that's really affecting my life. But, yes, I can definitely relate to the list of symptoms that Google gives me.
  13. Yeah, it's possible to be a "former" asthmatic. I know. I'm one, my friend's another. I don't have a list. I've got like one visual impairment and two question marks. Kind of tame, compared to the disabilities listed above. Basically, colourblindness, depression and autism. Depression and autism are under fire because I've never been officially diagnosed. (My mum tells be I was "autistic as a kid" which is not how autism works. But I did loads of tests and stuff and there's a possibility I might be autistic but I dunno) Colourblindness isn't so much a problem itself as
  14. I'm doing this as if I have stuff to actually recommend lel, but I can't really think of anything. Books: • Sherlock Holmes, the original ACD canon (where better to start than the most famous aroace character?) • Richard III, Shakespeare • Old Kingdom/Abhorsen series, Garth Nix • There's a list of books here, bc people on AVEN did something similar. (I'm sorry, I gave up, there're probably similar threads there too.) Movies: Star Trek and Star Wars seconded, although there little bit of romance-y thing between Kirk and Gillian the Whale Exper
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