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Roses are red, Violets are blue

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Roses Are Red

Violets aren't even blue

As you're reading this poem

I'm in my bed, watching Doctor Who


Roses are a crappy flowers

So are you, but you aren't a flower

Violet aren't fuckin' blue

Smurfs'blood coulb be, though.



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Roses are red,

And Friendship day

we have here in Finland,

instead of Valentines, yay!


Roses are red,

"Romantic movies: awws!"

, everyone other thinks,

And I watch "Jaws"


I'm aromantic,

Violets are blue.

If someone asks me out,

I don't know what to do

(I would propably panic,

That's true :b )

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Many roses are not red.

Violets come in purple too.

If you say I "need someone," 

I will lose respect for you.


Roses can be vicious, awful weeds.

In my home town they grow like so much grass.

If you fall down in Oak Ridge, Tennessee,

The wild roses stab you in the ass.


Oxygen-rich blood appears bright red

CO2-rich blood appears dark blue.

You'll find a lot of both inside of me,

But you won't find a heart that beats for you.


I am aware that those colors are only true when viewed from outside the body, as CO2-rich blood simply appears a darker shade of red if actually removed from a vein. If you ever get blood drawn, it's probably that deoxygenated venous blood on its way back to your heart. 

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Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

But froggies are cuter,

And so are reptiles!


Roses are burning,

Violets are on fire.

I hate romantically-coded flowers,

So I set these on fire.


Roses aren't always red,

Violets aren't always blue.

Stop stereotyping flowers!

What did they ever do to you?

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