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  1. Somehow being more dramatic than ever, oh wait, that’s because I’m performing isn’t it?

  2. Romantic: Eeeeh, no. Not really, I’m not romantic in real life, so it’s hard to imagine any fictional characters in a relationship. Platonic: YES! Definitely, I ship platonically all the time. Yeah, I’m so original. But it’s true.
  3. It did happen, she’s a good person who just had no idea that identity exited. Majority of my family is religious of some form, and the reaction would of been worse, definitely. And my avatar would probably do that, I think.
  4. To me, it’s not a challenge, they don’t really talk about romance, when someone does though, I just suck it up and not pay to much attention, but when someone asks me about my romantic status (only once this has happened...), I just ignored my folks saying don’t do it, and privately came out to this member of the family, about my Agender-ness, Asexualilty and Aromatic status, she was very weirded by it and said some anti-identity stuff, but I just stood my ground, she finally understood and apologised about the oddness and embarrassment.
  5. I’m very uncomfortable with being naked, enough said.
  6. Yeah, it’s grand to know that you’re not alone. Especially when I felt like I was not aro anymore, I seriously doubted myself, thank you. Seriously. You all have cleared my mind, my stressed, weird, still Aromatic mind.
  7. Just wondering if any Aro/Ace/Agender humans are going to Midsumma in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia! It’s a month long LGBTQIA+ festival. It is all though out the city and there are many events, from the famous pride march to musicals to art stuff to concerts to drag shows to even storytimes or Museum events! That’s all, more details down below https://midsumma.org.au/index.php. It’s pretty cool, and has lots of people going to the events, including probably me. If my holiday doesn’t get in the way. See you there!
  8. Thinking about how great it is to be alive, and to listen to chill music.
  9. TheThing

    Art Thread

    I made an art series I guess! It’s making photos with art. Well, it is part way though with lots more coming over the holiday break! (Thank goodness, I have finished for the year! Now time to focus on art.)
  10. Yeah, well it’s kind of not romantic or platonic in my mind, it’s kind of an in between. As I’m Aromatic and she is romantic... so we just found another option, as we both felt similar for each other. But yeah, many people call it platonic just by how we show our love, we made it as something we can be flexible with.
  11. Hufflepuff, like all of my challenge Sicence class, seriously. Except for my friend, they are in Slytherin. But out of the fifteen kids, fourteen are Hufflepuff.
  12. まあ、私は日本語を学んでいる人間です。小学校と北京でイタリア語を学びました! (Well, I am a human that is learning Japanese. Learnt a spot of Italian in Primary School and mandarin too!)
  13. I don’t like ANY of you people romantically, to be honest! In a reaction to my romantic friends talking about there attraction. With me casually shouting out in public... It makes sense in context.
  14. Roses are red, violets are blue, I don’t like romance, how about you? Roses are red, Violets are blue, I am bored, I’m going to go to the Zoo.
  15. Yeah, I have someone who I call a QPR, I hug her lots and tell her I like her, but I don’t date her and or feel romantic or really platonic about her... I say romantic or platonic is something that I don’t describe my feelings as... it’s an inbtween that we both like, we both feel strong for each other, me platonically and her romantically. I’m still very Aromatic, this took me a while to be okay with and I have known her for years. But yeah, you can go for another option!
  16. Well, I kind of define QPR as a platonic relationship with someone who is special and close to you, kind of like a romantic one without romance in it. Well, that’s from my experiences anyway, the definitions are very different depending on who you ask. A squish to me is someone who you have the desire to meet and become good friends with. Even then, that definition changes too!
  17. TheThing

    Art Thread

    I found it on the internet, public domain image, I don’t know where though... one of the vaporwave people in the Amino community found it. Can’t remember where.
  18. Well, it’s gone pretty well, thank you! I did maths, quite a lot of maths actually! Went on a walk, practiced for my festival appearance for percussion, drawn a few drawings and browsed the internet. Pretty boring and mediocre but it’s gonna be pretty hectic and fun tomorrow!
  19. I learned how to play quite a lot of percussion instruments, I’ve actually got quite a few awards and stuff for it. And it’s something that I enjoy doing and my favourite percussion instruments is Snare drum, Tambourine and African drums. I sing too, and am trying to learn piano too, I’m okay!
  20. TheThing

    Art Thread

    I made this... a day or so ago...
  21. Hey, an Agender person here, and for the question, I get more people asking “who are you attracted to?” But I had worked out my gender and my romantic/sexual orientation at around the same time, which was Aro/Ace. When I explain it, it doesn’t help.
  22. Yeah, you can! They are two separate attractions, like other types of attractions. And hey, it could change too! You’re romantic and sexual attraction is separate. Best of luck, Thing
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