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  1. Heh, maybe this is why everytime I write, if there is any couples, they are adults and have been married at least few years, or in other case the second one in relationship dies
  2. Woo! We (my family) have 5 cats Cats are lovely, I love them, that would be awesome!
  3. What is Aromantic pride animal? I know (or I have seen in media) that for gays it's male lion, for lesbians female lion, bis have unicorn and aces have dragon. For Aromantics I have seen parrots, deers and even aadvarks! But what animal is the official one, or is any out there? If there isn't, what you think would be good animal to show pride?
  4. Next step: Aros overthrow the world Muahahahahaaaa! >:3 Sorry, it actually, it would be very great. ... And now media have ruined our Friendship day! It has become like Valentine's day: everyone expect that you are going to give chocolate and/or card for your "special one" :'^ #bringfriendshipdayback
  5. I am may only who likes green/yellow/gray/black flag :'3
  6. Well... I draw at my free time. I also paint with acrylic paint (WARNING my style is more like expressionism, so my "art" don't looks any realistic).
  7. I'm sorry, but only clear thing what I can got in my mind is Bob Dylan's "All I Really Want To Do" X3 "All I really wanna do is baby be friends with you!"
  8. Roses are red, And Friendship day we have here in Finland, instead of Valentines, yay! Roses are red, "Romantic movies: awws!" , everyone other thinks, And I watch "Jaws" I'm aromantic, Violets are blue. If someone asks me out, I don't know what to do (I would propably panic, That's true :b )
  9. Ummhh... well, helloy you little persons here '^-^ I'm not very good at introducing myself, but long story short: Nice to be here, I'm little dinosaur who is hoping that he isn't wrong at identifying herself as Aro-Ace. I'm may young, at highschool now, very introvert (and very much lonely IRL). Hope that I'm welcome in the community ^-^ ... Icecream?
  10. I don't actually like touching so much (maybe because I am finnish ). Hug from person who I really care is nice when I am sad :3
  11. Sometimes I start thinking: "May this is just phase?" . It makes me sad, and feeling like I don't fit in anything. I try to hammer that fluid-thing in my head, but sometimes it isn't working. :'(
  12. When you can't say that ~someone opposite sex~ has great looking hair or looks handsome/beautiful without all girls in you glass start thinking that you have an crush on her/him
  13. YMBAI you just don't understand why it is so great to wear other person's hoodie. It propably has that other person's sweat in it! Yick!
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