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Aro.......but in the worst way (Song)

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I was sorting my vinyl collection and came across a hideous song. I couldn't finish listening to it because it annoyed me so much. I listen to and sing along to love songs and heartbreak songs, but this song made me mad because it equates an aro experience to being a sub-optimal person. Intellectually I know I should cut it some slack because it was written in 1962 but emotionally I wanted to put it in the oven and turn it into a fruit bowl. What is worse to know is it comes from a musical that got awards and so there are cover versions floating around out there (according to Wiki even Kermit the Frog did a version). 


What Kind of Fool Am I? from the musical Stop The World - I Want To Get Off.



What kind of fool am I
Who never fell in love
It seems that I'm the only one
That I have been thinking of


What kind of man is this
An empty shell
A lonely cell in which
An empty heart must dwell


What kind of lips are these
That lied with every kiss
That whispered empty words of love
That left me alone like this


Why can't I fall in love
Like any other man
And maybe then I'll know
What kind of fool I am


What kind of clown am I
What do I know of life
Why can't I cast away
This mask of play
And live my life


Why can't I fall in love
Till I don't give a damn
And maybe then I'll know
What kind of fool I am


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