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My name is SkyTuneRein, andĀ writing intros isĀ a pain.

I'm a tech/science nerd. I may not beĀ very talkative at first especially if we don't have any common interestsĀ and don't get me involved with politics, particularly petty "debates" with no scientific interest. One kind of people I don't get on with areĀ philistines or anti-intellectuals/art and those who are anti-science. Other than that, I'm pretty easy going and open-minded. I can be quite sarcastic but still peace-lovingĀ and mean no malice.

I found Arocalypse after some digging around looking for alternative forums from AVEN. I learnt about AVEN quite some time ago by word of mouth and reading some articles about a/demisexuality, but lurked until theĀ covid-19 pandemic lock-down had made me even more isolated and freed up more time.

I'm pretty sure I'm demi but it's difficult for me to feel any attraction to anyone, nor have IĀ felt inclined enough to pursue such relationships. I'm also picky about who I get close to andĀ don't like making big changes in my daily routine.

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