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  1. Funny how a fulfilling weekend mostly involves some form of witchcraft for me. 

  2. Awareness is indeed the biggest obstacle to getting any kind of accurate count of aromatics. I too thought I was a straight woman, but I kept having problems in relationships. I thought maybe I just want ready, didn't find the right guy, my sex drive is too high, I'm maybe scared of commitment, blah blah, this and that, mountains of self doubt and loathing, etc.... Reading about split attraction and aros was a revelation, though I had to sit with it and really think, because I also lived under the assumption that romantic attraction was tied to sexual attraction, at least in some i
  3. I'm an aromantic mom. I didn't actually discover I was aro until after I had my kid, and my love for him changed how I saw everything, and learned a hell of a lot about myself. The default, honestly, should be "no kids" unless you're absolutely sure. Because it is all in or all out. I love my kid utterly and entirely, having a kid was my choice, and no one is obligated to make more people - we really have plenty. So yeah, that's me. Raising kids has not much to do with orientation. I've often wished there could be some communal situation where friends can raise kids as
  4. "Who are you getting all dressed up for? Why do you need perfume if you're not dating?" Maybe I fucking like being colorful and smelling nice just because? Can't I enjoy shit without it being about some man I've yet to meet and the quest to attract him? Ffs.
  5. Yes, this is what I mean! And also why I love love LOVE Kaylee!! I have never related so hard to anyone as her when it comes to sex. I too would face down space zombies for hot doctor booty.
  6. I'm rather convinced that women have similar sex drives to men, or would if they were socialized the same. I've been with men who aren't insatiable sex machines, who fall closer to the "panda" end of the spectrum, and it frustrated the bejesus out of me! But how dare a woman feel and openly express sexual desire??! Basically, what I've learned as an aro woman with a high sex drive, is if I act like "a man" sexually, it makes me a slut. Of course, in reality, all these gendered distinctions are nonsense, but I've still experienced problems in relationships with men when my sex drive outst
  7. As far as "pursued" and "the pursuing" roles go, I can do either. I don't see why it's so strictly gendered either. But my occasional sexual aggressiveness always comes off as "male." And definitely my aromanticism, not wanting to be "tied down." (With the terminology used around marriage, you'd think the straights were all aro, lol) But whether I initiate sensual/sexual contact, or am more passive, depends on my mood and partner. Everyone's different, and I'm just there to have a good time.
  8. This is a reaction I've gotten in regards to my sexual behavior several times! it's totally wrong, because, in my experience, guys are quick to attach or "claim territory" or what the hell ever. Admittedly, I've also thought that about myself, until I noticed the men's behaviour I was involved with. If I hadn't discovered romantic orientations, I'd just think I was a 'ho.
  9. This is often my problem, even in my own brain. I'm not "queer enough" because I'm heterosexual. I've had loads of friends all over the lgbtq+++ spectrum, and while most are accepting of my aro-ness, I've still heard "OMG, romantic orientation, this is silly" and it's disheartening. Just this past Friday was my first time saying that i was aromantic out loud. It went better than expected, but I also expected to maybe never say it, because of the rejection of aros from queer spaces, not to mention the rest of the world just plain not knowing we exist. I feel very much b
  10. Lol it is mine, CURSES, I'VE BEEN FOUND.
  11. I bake really good breads and assorted things. And cross stitch some. I tend to find the nerdiest stuff to cross stitch too. I can also ruin dinner with bizarre facts about ancient societies and myths.
  12. Well, it's hard to actually know, since the only reason I even know about split orientation at all is that I have some ace friends in my temple. It seems that aces are simply better informed on aromanticism than allosexuals.
  13. An agender friend of mine once told me that erasure isn't passing privilege, and that stuck with me. Especially as that mythical heterosexual aro.
  14. I've had a distaste for everything being Valentine's day for a long time, especially the endless diamond and weight loss commercials. Put the Lupercalia back in February! xP
  15. I have this exact problem with telling people about my polytheism. I want them to have the relevant info about me, but I've run into so much "witnessing" from evangelist Christians, it's burnt me down on answering "honest questions" from "just curious" people. Especially the Christ dudes who sea lion an argument into the core of the earth. AAAANNND this is why I'm in the closet about being aro. Shit's exhausting.
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