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  1. Funny how a fulfilling weekend mostly involves some form of witchcraft for me. 

  2. Lol it is mine, CURSES, I'VE BEEN FOUND.
  3. I've had a distaste for everything being Valentine's day for a long time, especially the endless diamond and weight loss commercials. Put the Lupercalia back in February! xP
  4. I have this exact problem with telling people about my polytheism. I want them to have the relevant info about me, but I've run into so much "witnessing" from evangelist Christians, it's burnt me down on answering "honest questions" from "just curious" people. Especially the Christ dudes who sea lion an argument into the core of the earth. AAAANNND this is why I'm in the closet about being aro. Shit's exhausting.
  5. OMGGGGG, the "must monopolize female!" thing is so real and such bullshit. I had a guy pull that on me hard in college, always telling me he didn't want a relationship, which I was more than fine with, but the SECOND I bone someone besides him at a party he's fucking drunk abusive oxnard. Why het allo dudes? Whyyyyyyy??
  6. I never imagined my wedding unless pressed by other girls. Then I would just dream up the coolest party I could think of, and I thought white dresses were dumb and boring. Then, as a teen, in a very conservative Christian school, I admitted that I didn't want to marry, ever. No shit, the girl in front of me gasped "but where will you LIVE????" Yeah. I also had no problems with no attachment sex all through college and young adulthood, so that should have been a clue, hah. But not having a term for what I was for most of my life, it definitely took a while to accept how i am, and some trauma.
  7. This is so me, in my self imposed celibacy. I gotta get my head unfucked before I can even find a way to tell others what I actually want. If only my libido would actually go awayyyyyy.
  8. I confess to considering inventing the term "theoromantic" because quite honestly, I love my gods in rather romantic terms, but not people. I know it's bizarre, but I'm too tired to care.
  9. It's something I've found lots of people don't know, I guess from the combo of cable and aggressive ad campaigns for it and satellite. But if you live in a city, or close enough to one, you should be able to turn a receiver on in nearly any tv (unless you're still rocking the CR set) and get local stations. It won't be much anything outside of network shows and local news, but....that early morning local access stuff, that's shit I check out when I can't sleep and I'm in a new place. It's always really quality weird shit. Like the guy dressed like a car salesman, just sitting at a desk covered in gilded eagles and us flags, reading the bible like a contract and then talking about what he had read....at least I think that was his intention, he made NO SENSE, but it was surreal. Local access tv. It's a thing. A weird strange kind of sad thing.
  10. Free tv still exists in the US, even most t.v.s have a digital receiver to catch it - it's just the major networks, and if you're close enough to catch whatever local affiliate broadcasts it. But so many people have gone over to cable and satellite,I guess the kids have forgotten when there were only like, 3 channels. xP
  11. I've been listening to the Talking Heads album "Speaking in Tongues", and I'm more than a little suspicious that David Byrne might be some shade of aro. If only because he says, in each chorus of "Girlfriend is Better", "nothing it's better than this....is it?" And he said in an interview with himself that he wrote one love song, and sang it to a lamp.
  12. Since I'm allosexual, ngl, I've considered this as a possibility/fair trade, especially if the rich husband travels a lot. ....plan b, lol. (I'm awful)
  13. Even though I find I fit the aro spec more each day, I hesitate to call myself aromantic because I'm such a complete NERD for the romantic era poets and it's not exactly the same thing BUT WHY IS LANGUAGE HARD.
  14. I took a guy home from a bar one night explicitly for sex. No other reason. He even started annoying me with his talk during sex, and I slapped my hand over his mouth and literally said "just shut the fuck up." And he was twice my age. Not the only time I've had casual sex, but that was probably the most aro shit I've ever done.
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