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  1. I thin with the varioriented question the answer is greater aromantic visibility. Slowly but surely were getting there but we still have a way to go to reach the same visibility that asexuality has and it will take some further steps to reach the same level of visibility the allo asexuals have. While I dont do pride marches anymore i think aro representation at some of the key pride marches could do wonders with putting aro identities out there from a visibility perspective. I'd even be willing to go to one should an aro group be at a pride march even though in general prides arnt much my thing.
  2. Generally speaking no, but some prefer to identify as cis after full transition is complete. Each to thier own. Please not this is going a bit off topic now
  3. I think you have missed a few things. Allosexual = someone who experiences sexual attraction (includes heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals and pansexuals) Alloromanitic = someone who experiences romantic attraction ie (heteroromantic, homoromantic, biromanitic, panromantic) Yes you can be an allo romantic (any orientation) asexual so no allo is not something that is anti asexual. We are not anti ace but we want our own community. I respect asexuality but I want a community for aros by aros (aroaces welcome) Comfortable in self is an extended version.
  4. Cis means not trans* in any way. Cishet is cisgender heterosexual/romantic ie someone who doesnt in anyway belong to the gender and sexual minority community, except perhaps as an ally
  5. I'm another alloaro. I think this is why the aro community need to grow further so our existence can educate those in the heteronormative, LGBT and ace communities. I am convinced there are far many more Aro spec people out there but as romantic orientation is harder to decipher in many ways I'm convinced many "unaware arospecs" dont yet possess the vocabulary or understanding to even be introspective to recognise aro spec orientation in themselves. That's where we come in. The more aro content online leads to more aros and more education of everyone else
  6. Hey It sounds like you have started to question to a substantial degree as to whether you are or not. Allthough no one else can answer this question for you, from an outsiders perspective looking in I would suggest there is a reasonable possibility you are. Keep up the introspection and I am sure the answer will come to you once the times right.
  7. Hey I thought I'd join up as I found this forum on Aven. I'm allo aro and am keen on sharing in like minded community that understand what aromantic life is like. As for hobbies walking, any conversation with some level (no matter how big/small) of substance and documentaries do it for me. I have a few others I cant think of right now.
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