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anyone else think babies are weird????

gay vermin boi

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babies are weird.... 

they are small naked and wrinkly, they are loud and crying, the pee and shit on you, and they are just weird???

i am so happy i dont plan on having one,... cuz they are just weird little things...

like does anyone else think they are weird??? like they dont really even look like humans when they come out of the womb its strange....

babies. are. weird.

they are like weird little larvae that are just starting to turn into bugs, they are just strange i guess??????

idk why i even posted it i just wanted to know if anyone else thought they were weird

like no hate to babies i guess but they are just peculiar little bugs

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I don't necessarily find babies weird, but I'll never understand how could anyone find them cute... I remember that when my brother was born, everyone was like "Oh he's so cute!!" or "He looks just like his father/mother!!" and I honestly didn't understand that... He looked almost the same as other babies in the hospital, and most importantly - he wasn't similar to my parents!! (I suppose that they said those things because of my mother, to make her feel better and ect., but I refuse to believe that somone could genuinely believe that) 

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Yeah human babies are weird. They've got weird faces and they drool, and I just don't feel a parental connection to them (maybe I would if I had a kid of my own but I don't plan it it lol) nor do I feel an urge to fawn over them. I've held a baby maybe once or twice in my life and it was awkward. I think it's an otherkin thing for me, since I feel more of a connection with babies of other species.

With that said, I don't hate kids and I think babies deserve compassion. I don't fault them for crying or anything like that. Babies are good just not for me.

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glad i'm not alone lol, babies can be cute but my god are they weird too.

what actually weirds me out the most about them is whole pregnancy thing. i have tokophobia (fear of pregnancy) and the thought of a tiny shrimpy human slowly growing and developing inside of me like a parasite makes me feel kinda sick.

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