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*shyly pokes head in*

Hello everyone.

*takes a deep breath, steps in, and bows*

        I'm a curious young adult who delights in creating creatures and characters, but is awful at writing anything even remotely resembling a novel. I also enjoy non-lyrical music, video games made with creativity in mind, wordplay, and natural science. Before learning about these forums and reading a bit on here, I was a lurker on AVEN for a while and was actually building up the courage to create an account and introduce myself. If one must be specific, agender is the most accurate term for me and I'm certain that I'm asexual and aromantic. I'm not yet out to my family, I'm not sure if I ever will be, and only some of my friends know I'm asexual.

        I'm looking forward to some good times here at Arocalypse! I'd really prefer to meet you all and converse in person, as I find online and device based communication lacking in comparison to personal interaction, but I'm sure this will still be quite a pleasant way to connect with others!

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Welcome! :icecream:


I like your name. :)


I've only told one person who knows me IRL... not sure if he's really taking me seriously or not. He likes to joke about me being "confused", so I guess he isn't, really... but he will just have to get used to it. :P

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