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What made you laugh today/post a lulz


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1 hour ago, roboticanary said:

bit late for halloween

In GMT / UTC / CET it's November 3 now. But in Mexico it's still November 2, so Día de Muertos 💀, kind of on-topic still.

Oh of course, I don't celebrate any of such festivals.

I'm a devout believer and only observe the Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week.

That's it, nothing else!

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9 hours ago, Storm_leopardcat said:

Please tell me the context of this, xD!

cold war

uk government builds a big bunker in case the country gets nuked

costs a lot of money to maintain, as the soviets dont nuke the uk the government sell the land back to the owners.

eventually the family who bought it back open the old site as a tourist attraction/filming location.

because of that it needs signs to direct you to the bunker, which look absolutely fantastic.

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On 11/15/2022 at 10:21 PM, roboticanary said:

top quality work essex!


yes, i know its because its now a tourist attraction but still, it cracks me up.

Awesome, reminds me of the secret base in ‘Sheep in the big city’


(The sign reads ‘Top secret military base - please look the other way)

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5 hours ago, Storm_leopardcat said:

.....What does that mean, again? In a fishing-related context?

Silly attempt at humor. Don't try to put too much sense in my posts here. 😉

More seriously, I wonder if this job advertisement is even legal. AFAIK in the UK you need an objective reason for discriminating by gender.

 And I really don't see why gender should be relevant to selling fish 🐟!

On 12/21/2022 at 1:32 AM, DeltaAro said:

I sometimes stole grapes🍇 from local vineyards




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2 minutes ago, Storm_leopardcat said:

Context, if any, please?

I am confused, what is this an answer to, lol. Is this some Brit meme thing?

it is based on an old sea shanty called 'Drunken Sailor'. So yes, kind of a brit meme thing, or at least, something a lot of brits would recognise.


the song giving various answers to the question 'what shall we do with a drunken sailor?'

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