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Just heard about this place on AVEN


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Hi there, happy to be here. I'm a member of AVEN also, but it's kind of nice to have somewhere more geared toward aromanticism. Not that I'm trying to descriminate or put up a proverbial divider between aromantics and asexuals, because I'm not. Wouldn't make sense, seeing as I happen to be both. It's just that I see people talking about asexual people much more than aromanticism on a global scale, so this is nice :). Nice to meet all of you though, regardless! I look forward to talking with you!

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Welcome to Arocalypse! :icecream: I'm from AVEN too, but I just feel like aromanticism is a bigger part of my life than my asexuality and AVEN is so focused on asexuality (I'm not saying anything against that, AVEN stands for ASEXUAL Visibility and Education Network after all), so it's not the optimal place to discuss aromanticism. So yeah, having Arocalypse is pretty great in my opinion ^_^ I hope you'll love it just as much! :icecream::softserve::icecream:

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