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  1. As someone who is aroace and not a writer the main thing I'd advise is making sure the character isn't emotionally closed-off. Generally aroace characters are robots/aliens/AI who struggle with any relationship (including friendship) and are basically emotionless - which can be pretty frustrating. Good luck with your story!
  2. Recently I've been questioning the extent of my aro-ness, and wondering if I am the rare example of someone who has actually been suppressing their feelings. I find myself wondering if my (former) romance repulsion has contributed to this, and if without it, squishes may have been crushes instead. I suspect that demibiromantic may be a more accurate descriptor but this is hard to explain to allo friends who don't know the lingo, but who I previously told that I was aro. thankyou for your post
  3. Hey, I'm also an AVEN transfer. I think I'm liking this site more, as there seems to be less politics
  4. I've never felt that "pull" towards parenthood but sometimes I can abstractly think that adopting a kid wouldn't be so bad. I answered "not sure" but probably should've selected "no"
  5. I came out to my brother but that was mainly because I felt like if I didn't he would be hurt/angry.... and I had already come out to my mum so it would be easier if I could openly talk at home my relationship with my brother is complicated.
  6. My aromantic moment is every time someone shows romantic interest Getting paranoid and anxious because "oh no I think they like me" "what if they ask me out?!?" I hate feeling responsible for allo people's feelings because they have the bad luck to be interested in me "that way" I always end up feeling awkward and guilty, wondering if I did something which "led them on"
  7. This thought process when I was in early high school: 1. I read a post about teachers "shipping students and getting them to do work together" 2. I noticed that a teacher kept getting me to work with another person 3. Therefore, teacher ships us according to aforementioned post 4. Me having that thought meant I shipped us together (that's how shipping works, right?) 5. Shipping someone with yourself = having crush on them I didn't realise most people visualised their weddings as a kid, or imagined being married in their future. In primary school some girls
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