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So, here I am

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Hallo everyone!


Okay, let's start with the usual; My name is Marit, I'm 29 and I live in Norway. By day I'm an perioperative nurse (scrub nurse), by night I'm...a perioperative nurse..... 

I live alone in an apartment with my 4 year old French Bulldog, Asia. And a couple aquarium fishes. I'm very much introverted, and I don't have any particular hobbies or anything. Maybe bingewatching shows/movies and gaming, if that can be counted as a hobby. And even in gaming I'm not into multiplayer and such, and I like to play on easy/normal B|


I'm a heterosexual female, and more importantly, I've only recently discovered I'm aromantic. I fractured a small bone in my foot in january, and suddenly found myself with a lot of time to ponder about life. Well, I often ponder about everything, including life, but I got way more time to do it, since I was stuck in my apartment for months. It was a rainy day (the best kind of day, in my opinion), when I realized I've never actually been in love, nor do I desire the romance aspect of a relationship. I googled a bit, actually a lot, and finally found out about aromantisism. And I suddenly felt like all the pieces fell in place. I basically went through all the emotions in a short amount of time, but I'm really happy and relieved to find out that there are others like me! :D


So now I have started telling my family about me being aromantic, and they have had interesting reactions to it. I still have one sister and my best friend to tell, so I'm not completely out yet. 


So, thats me!


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Welcome! :icecream: I also felt like I finally found my last puzzle piece when I knew about aromanticism.

(well, technically it's not the last one, more like several puzzle pieces I didn't know I had, but yeah 9_9


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