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  1. I'm thinking i'm kinda nervous about going on holiday in a couple of hours. My first trip with my sister and her three kids, ages 5, 6 and 9 1/2. And I'm not really a kid person actually. It's probably going to be fine and we'll have a great time....still... 6 days without alone time will be...interesting..
  2. I got 24 . Don't worry, I don't let it affect my work . But, yeah I had read about it before and taken a similar test, so I pretty much knew the outcome. My oldest sister is the same, maybe even worse actually.
  3. I'm thinking I should probably go to bed, but I still have laundry to fold before I can do that, and I hate folding laundry...
  4. I get butterflies in my stomach all the time. It's actually a bit annoying. I get it mostly when I'm nervous, like before taking an exam or test (I get serious exam nerves), or doing something I've never done before. But also before something I'm really exited about, like a trip or rollercoasters. But I never have experienced having butterflies because of another person.
  5. Katniss from Hunger games books feels very aro ace to me. It's been a while since I read the books, but I remember when she and Peeta was in that cave in the first book, Peeta did a gesture she had seen her parents do (a little romantic touch or something), and not understanding how he knew how to do that since she felt his parents would not be likely to show each other affection like that. She also thought he did everything as an act as well, not understanding that he loved her. And her relationships with Peeta and Gale seemed more like maybe QPR or squishes for me. I would also b
  6. I don't do well in heat and warm weather. I prefer fall and winter months. Lucky summer in Norway aren't known for being too warm, at least not where I live, but right now it's been between 20-25 C and I'm dying. Air conditioning is not really a big thing here. I live in a new apartment, and I only have a heater, like almost any household here. Like @Quinoa says; you can always find a way to warm up when it's cold, but there is no escape from heat. Plus sleeping is a bitch when it's hot.... Bring on the rainy days!!
  7. No, forever is a bit too long to be alone One million dollars but you will turn into a statue for one hour everyday for the rest of your life. You will not get to choose the time and place. May happen when you sleep, may happen on a bus, in the shower etc..
  8. Welcome I found out pretty much the same way as you. Suddenly realizing that i'm 29 and never been in love, started googling to find out "what's wrong with me", then after some searches finding out about being aromantic and suddenly so many puzzle pieces fell into place. Nice to know we are not weird, right?
  9. I consider myself Christian, but I haven't really practiced it for about 10 years. It's hard getting into a new community when you are alone.... I plan on getting into a community soon though. Problem is I live in a place with fairly conservative christians, and I'm pretty liberal when it comes to gay marriage and such (I'm all for it). I'm also planning to going to a clinic next year to use a sperm donor, and I'm a bit scared of being rejected for not following the norm here.
  10. I don't know yet about cousins. But I'm out as are to my three siblings. They are ranging from 25 to 34. I think all three are pretty much cool with it. My brother just accepted it right away, and didn't ask any questions or anything. Makes me wonder if he knows someone else who is are. My oldest sister thought I was ace, but she got it when I explained further. She took the scientific approach though, asking if I lacked the "love" chemical (I don't know....). I was most nervous telling my other sister. Her boyfriend of 10 years left her around christmas, and she is just getting into the whole
  11. Yes! For fiction. When I ship, I ship HARD. Not necessarily romantically tho, but usually. Sometimes bromances, sometimes sexually. But I have to find chemistry between the characters, or else it just seem wrong. RL romantic/sexual shipping, not so much.....
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