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I Wrote A Queerplatonic Love Song!

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So I randomly thought up this lovesong for queerplatonic partners. Since I can only write the lyrics for now I'll do so, then share the audio of me singing it so you will know the mellody when I figure out a good way to do it. But for now, here are the lyrics:
Your Something
Verse 1:

I never want to be your one and only,

Not interested in fulfilling your every need,

I simply want to be there when you get lonely,

A unique love growing from a custom made seed.


I wanna be your something.

Don't wanna be your everything,

Let me be your something,

A unique love that flies on custom wings.

I wanna be your something,

Cuz we both know one size does not fit all,

Let me be your something.

I'll give you space, but lift you when you fall.

That's all I have for now, I might think up more verses, we'll see. Also if anyone knows of a good place to upload the audio so I can link it here, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks! ☺️

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Mistyped a lyric.
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