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  1. Eee so I went to boy scout camp, as you do,,,,, but now I have 2 frickin e n o r m o u s squishes,,, and I won't see one of them again until next year :(((,, and the other I'll probably never see in person again (we'll hopefully email tho) :// 

  2. I understand this, I'm in the same position as you. Typically what I do is just not express that I have a squish on them,, and just make an effort to spend more time with them. Unfortunately it doesn't sound like that would really help in your situation, so I think the best course of action for you would be to tell them you're squishing on them so they don't misinterpret the situation. (You could also tell them about the sexual attraction but that also might not be the best course of action for your friendship, so that's completely up to you.) Best of luck !!!
  3. I just joined and I gotta say,, this place is pretty cool !! :)))

    1. 2 Spirit Cherokee Princess

      2 Spirit Cherokee Princess

      Welcome.  It's the custom to offer new members ice cream here. 🍦 You may notice a mascot called Papo. :papo::arocapapo:

    2. sepulchral


      That's awesome, thanks for letting me know :))

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