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  1. Ya know that moment when you’re reading a book/watching a movie/listening to a song and romance/romantic attraction comes up and it sounds fake but then you find out it’s NOT in fact fake? And you’re like :0 I just watched the movie A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum (it’s a 60’s musical adaptation of a Roman comedy) and I’m like 70% percent sure the attraction in the movie is exaggerated for comedic purposes but I’ve also thought that about many things in the past and it turned out to be real… but no way that’s actually how attraction feels right?
  2. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve completely misunderstood what dates are because it sounds like just two people go do fun thing together to bond and have fun and I think that aspect of romance sounds really nice and fun. Are platonic dates a thing? If they aren’t they should be. I don’t dislike the concept of marriage but I don’t want to ever get married just because of the romantic connotations society has with it (unless it’s for tax evasion purposes then I might consider it). Kissing is the one part of romance that for me is nonononono no thanks dont like that idea. Even seeing other people kiss makes me uncomfortable.
  3. Anytime I see the phrase “love is love” used for pride I always feel a bit left out, so in my head I changed it to “love is love, or lack thereof” idk just wanted to share ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. There’s this game I really like called Slime Rancher. It’s mostly just about farming cute slime aliens in space, but there’s also sort of a love story element in the form of letters Bea (the character you play as) receives from their friend/partner Casey back on earth. Casey sent the letters while Bea was asleep in hyperspace, and there’s a lot of reminiscing on fond memories and talking about missing Bea. While I was playing through the game, my take on the letters was, “Aw, I love this, it’s so sweet! They’re such good friends. There should be more of this sort of close friendship in media!” Then I finished the game and went digging around for more lore online and discovered that apparently everyone else just assumed that they were dating…. (well it’s technically never specified in the game that their relationship is romantic but that’s the general consensus of the fan base . I still prefer my queerplatonic headcanon).
  5. I recently made a new friend and a few days ago we were talking about movies and we both agreed that usually romantic subplots are completely pointless and just annoying. And it turns out we are both AroAce, so that makes sense! I’ve met other aces before, but never met anyone else who was Aro, or even someone who knew what Aromanticism was. It was just really really cool (and happened at a good time because I was starting to feel sorta alone in my not-allo-ness). Anyway I’m really happy about this! Because some else who isn’t just words on a screen gets it! And I also have someone to make aro jokes with! I’m just really happy about this. Probably more excited than I should be? Buts that’s fine! Because it’s really cool to me!
  6. Not at the moment (i may or may not have accidentally managed to get black sharpie all over it), but I often do wear one. Even if nobody recognizes it, it still makes me happy and that’s reason enough. Edit: upon scrolling up a bit I realized I’ve actually replied to this post a few times throughout the year because I either mistook it for a new thread on the subject or just forgot. Oops
  7. While, yes, there are things the video could have done better, that is almost always the case. I thought this video did a quite good job of bringing awareness to Aromanticism and Asexuality. It explained it in a way that was easy to understand, funny, and informative! It was also very relatable for me, so I liked that aspect of it. I actually used this video to sort of explain being Aromantic to a parent, and it went really well.
  8. This thread was just what I needed! Over the past week or so I’ve been sifting through “feel good” playlists trying to make my own, and wondering whats with all the romance! I have added quite a few songs to my playlist now, and may I add a few more to this thread: Way Less Sad by AJR 100 Bad Days by AJR Weatherman by Eddie Benjamin A-O-K by Tai Verdes I Like Where This Is Headed by Scrawny
  9. I came across the term AroAce while questioning if I was ace and this is basically what happened: Me: oh huh this aromanticism thing sounds pretty neat! It must be nice, I sorta wish I was aro. Too bad I’m alloromantic. Yep. Definitely absolutely allo :] Me: :] Me a few months later: wait a minute- I never really was interested in getting married, dating, romance books/movies/songs, or any of that. I often mistook strong platonic attraction for romantic attraction. By the time I got to middle school and saw other people getting crushes, I decided that the platonic attraction I felt to a close friend of mine of the opposite gender was obviously a crush. Then I told my friends. Then that led to drama- but luckily he did not reciprocate the “feelings” and it led to nothing. A few other similar incidences happened until I discovered the aromantic label and embraced it. I faked crushes and went along with all the pressure for from ace because I thought I was supposed to, even though I never actually wanted to date or kiss or be romantic with any of the people I supposedly had a crush on. I thought I must just be like all the protagonists who start the book not wanting to date anyone, but they always end up dating/kissing someone before the book ends. Sometimes I think if I had found even a few stories where a relationship wasn’t necessary for the “happy ending” to be complete, maybe things would have gone differently (and for this reason I am now somewhat salty towards that specific trope).
  10. I recently 3d printed myself one with white PLA filament. It’s actually surprisingly comfortable and I really love it. I now also have 3 extra white rings that technically weren’t failures (we don’t talk about those ones) but weren’t quite good enough to call my final product.
  11. Fellow teenager here to give my two cents on this: What might or might not happen in the future doesn’t matter. You’re never “too young” to know yourself. What matters is what feels right to you right now; labels aren’t permanent, you don’t just choose one then get stuck with it for the rest of your life. If you feel like you might be aromantic, then try it out, experiment, explore. If at the end of the day, no matter what you settle in you’ll atleast know yourself a little better.
  12. I think it would make sense if aromantics were less affected by lookism. Aromanticis is lack of attraction (insert disclaimer about aromanticism being a spectrum), and attraction is based on looks right? Less attraction = less effect a person’s looks have on our intitial first impression of them. I don’t think aro antics are entirely immune to lookism though, because society is filled with the idea that looks matter. It is ingrained in us sort of (that doesn’t mean it’s good tho). I’m not sure I phrased that right but I hope it makes sense. I think this is a very interesting conversation and I’m also sort of curious how it relates to asexuality as well, because that is also lack of attraction (again insert disclaimer it’s a spectrum).
  13. I got a 3d printer and I printed myself a custom aromantic ring to go with my ace ring. I love it and I’m so glad I finally have one.
  14. In terms of a romantic relationship, I basically went “oh I don’t have to deal with that now? Nice.” (proceeds to carry on with my life) But still trying to figure out what sort of relationships I want other than romantic and with who. I tried out so many idea and did so much research, but by now I’ve sort of accepted the fact that I’ll figure it out eventually, for now I can just live. I’m just gonna go with the flow :]
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