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What would it be like if the allos were the minority?


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I once saw a YouTube video about where straight people were the ones who needed to come out. I remembered that video just now, and had a thought: what if the world was like that, but with allos? What if most people were aroace, and the allos were the 1%? We’d definitely have more quality stories, that’s for sure, but other than that…

What sort of funny scenarios would happen? What struggles would they face? How would things be different?

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I've seen a different video about straight people being minority think it's dis one 


Something about people slurs like breeders that might happen here too :/

If its both aro and ace I guess people would still have sex but out of practicality only, until science solved that. People would get together for that reason. As for the aro aspect I suppose things like Romance stories would be taboo. 

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On the positive side, we would have a society that acknowledges the diversity of relationships, without a hierarchy. Friendship heart breaks would be recognized.

People won't have to worry about their friends leaving them for romantic partner. People won't constantly ask when you will find a partner, but acknowledge that there are a diversity in how and with whom someone can live his life : alone, in a QPR, with roomates, with your family...

Maybe we would even have a society that only think about relationships as the only way for happiness, but focuses on hobbies, work, etc.

We won't have problem with romantic and sexual harassments.


On a neutral side, when someone catch feelings on a friendship, they will stop blaming the one who don't reciprocate. However they will probably blame the one who catches them, so still a lot of blaming going on.


On the negative side, it would be harder for allos to meet their emotional needs, which would probably to more dépression on their side.

Maybe romantic and sexual feelings would be pathologized, and allo would have to hide so they don't get medicalized.

Romance would not be glorified as something that is pure and make the sexual activities justified, because sex and romance will be equally demonized.

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20 hours ago, LifezVictory said:

What if most people were aroace, and the allos were the 1%?

Rather than prostitution you just have people who you pay to be friends with for a few hours? 

I guess a lot of it depends on the different forms of aromanticism/asexuality. If most people are loveless then that doesn't happen. 

sex based kink is almost impossible to satisfy. you are working on a small fraction of 1% and are unlikely to meet anyone who shares your desires.

advertising really changes. Not just in the inability to sell using sexual desire, but it would be more difficult to call upon the nuclear family as an aspirational ideal (think of all the adds at christmas which rely on that). I suspect without romance the family itself becomes far more diffuse.

the idea of the incel dies (thank goodness)

On the other hand non romantic relationships would have to bear the brunt of marketing. Think how valentines day works and the expectation of monetary investment pushed to couples, that would likely get pushed towards other relationships. Feeling obliged to spend money on friendships might become the norm

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10 hours ago, alto said:

I am now resentful that we don't have this society, because that would be the perfect job for me.

OK, so I just had a look and this kind of does exist but from all I have heard it is a bit sketchy. Here's an article about someone's actual experience as a rented friend


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