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ah yes, its the 6am im on sugar impulse decisions


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uh hi, i'm cyancat, shak, flippity boppity boop, it's the title, my brain is like... one braincell, i'm actually supposed to be writing for personal projects but that's not happening since instead my brain has decided to go on the "questioning your sexuality and everything you know to be true" route so here i am, after having indelibly mused my way into all lackings of sensibility and reason for a few hours now, i've gone and join both aven and this forum as a way of comforting my addled brain.

hi, hello, yes, please excuse this rambling headache that is i. mhm... regardless, i'm sure i will be inundating these forums with my doubts and concerns about my romantic orientation as the person(s) i usually talk to are half the cause of my confusion, and i don''t want to potentially hurt them. i mean, i'm dense, but i'm not that dense.

oh, one other thing, maybe i missed it, but what are the rules concerning swearing? i'm not a huge swear-er, but i do on occasion swear so i just want to make sure i won't be breaking any rules.

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As far as 6am decisions go joining this forum seems to be a fairly sane one. My 6am decisions tend to involve starting a wonderful friendship between a statue and a traffic cone, though I suspect that may be because alcohol impulses are dumber than sugar impulses.

Anyhow, welcome to arocalypse, hope you find some answers to your confusions.

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