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  1. I think the question here is "Is it okay if you mistake aromanticism for x/identify as aromantic because of y?". The same question could be asked about being too young, many people in the forum have expressed their worries about identifying as arospec only because they're kids or teens and haven't had the time to experience romantic attraction yet. Arospecs and many other members of the queer community feel the need to constantly prove themselves to the world, prove that they aren't just confused, too young to know for sure, mentally ill, etc. But I think that you can identify as arospec no matter what your reasons are, as long as it makes you feel better, it's okay; and even if later on you decide that the label doesn't suit you, the time that you spent identifying as aro still matters, because at the time that was what was TRUE TO YOU.
  2. Game: Guy comments on video games for two hours
  3. INTP. I'm surprised there are so many INTJs here
  4. Welcome! Have some icecream
  5. I just finished watching Dr.Stone, it’s a fun shounen anime about science, and the main character, Senku, is soooo aroace, his true love can only be science! And I like that he doesn’t always act cold or logic-driven, he likes a good challenge and cares about his friends a lot, and there are some moments, that show that
  6. Oh, it’s absolutely perfect, I love orientations named after after gods ^^ Thank you!
  7. YMBAI all these posts saying “imagine that your crush visits your profile everyday and wishes you were close to them” sound kind of creepy to you
  8. Sometimes I would try to convince myself that I have a crush on someone because it was “right”... but it never worked out. I know how miserable you may feel when everyone around you is talking about having crushes and dating, and I really liked Echidna’s comment about the fantasy genre! I know media is a small part of our lives, but using it as a way to forget about romance for at least *some* time may be a good idea :D
  9. There are certain problems you encounter when labeling your sexuality as a non-binary person. I've always been attracted to men and I usually call myself straight because I still consider myself somewhat "female-aligned", but my experience is different from a typical straight woman or a gay man. Nblm doesn't exactly suit me because I view it as an umbrella term for all non-binary people, who are capable of being attracted to men, which would include bi, pan and etc (just like mlm and wlw are umbrella terms). Ideally, I'd want to find a label that describes attraction to men only. Andosexual seems to be a good one, but I saw it being used together with androphilia/gynophilia and was worried about it's connotations. Does anyone know more about that?
  10. Even if a label technically describes you, you shouldn't feel pressure to actively use it, and it's okay to prioritize other labels. Especially when it comes to discourse, I understand that it may feel tiring to constantly see debates about your identity. But whatever your reasoning is, it's okay. Not everyone has the same relationship with their asexuality or aromantism. I am arospec and non-binary, but I don't feel a strong connection to those labels and choose to use them because I know they accurately describe my feelings and experience. And I choose to post on this forum just because I enjoy being around like-minded people, but I don't engage with the LGBT+ community aside from it. (ah, sorry for using the word 'label' so much)
  11. There are many characters, who can be read as aromantic because they are "too busy to think about love" or whatever. I just want to see someone who is openly aro, but isn't cold or emotionless. And I definitely feel like we need more alloaros
  12. 10% to 90% Social Issues: 0% Conservative, 100% LiberalPersonal Responsibility: 0% Conservative, 100% LiberalFiscal Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% LiberalEthics: 0% Conservative, 100% LiberalDefense and Crime: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
  13. I understand your decision and don't blame you for it in any way, but I am still extremely sad that such a great platform soon will stop existing both because I came here only recently and because the aromantic community feels very... disconnected outside of it. Thank you for all the work you've put into this site, I hope you will find someone to take over it ❤️
  14. I wanted to discuss what everyone did for ASAW this year and share our excitement. It was my first time celebrating it and I wanted to focuss on posting relevant information, especially because I felt like there wasn't enough info on my native language. I have a small, but active twitter account, so I made several threads about aromanticism and some of the terms related to it. A couple of people actually told me they could relate to what I was talking about and realized they could be aromantic too, which is already more than I originally expected
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