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Books on aromanticism ?


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Recommendations for books with aromantic characters or about aromanticism itself. 

After a lot of digging, I alreay found some books with aromantic characters. Do you maybe know some more? I prefer fantasy and fiction, but everything else is also fine. 

Anyways, I can never find books explaining aromanticism. Only books focusing on asexuality. Maybe any recommendations here? 

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hey! i recently finished reading Loveless by Alice Oseman and really really loved it!

it's a YA novel that focuses on Georgia, a 18 y.o. girl that just started university and is trying to figure out her sexuality and stuff, to then realize she is aromantic asexual. it's basically an aroace coming out story, following Georgia's journey on self discovery, from hearing the terms aromantic and asexual for the first time to coming to therms with it personally.

i always loved Alice Oseman's books and almost freaked out when she announced her new book was going to focus on a aroace character!!! i loved it so much and could relate to so many aspects of it, specially the she deals with amatonormativity, romance and friendship.

there are also other aromantic and asexual side characters as well, and one of them is non-binary, which is greatttt

i'm obsessed with this book, honestly slkjdk i totally recommend reading it :)

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Yeah, Loveless is one, though I'd definitely take it with a grain of salt because it really throws a lot of folks under the bus. Definitely good rep for certain kinds of aros and I'm very happy that they have that rep, but it comes at the cost of stepping on everyone else, so be warned.

Otherwise, uh... Yeah I think that's about it unfortunately. :( There's really very little aro media out there... 

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Have you heard of the Aromantic and Asexual Characters Database? It tells you who a person is and how much screen time they get so you know what you're signing up for.

My personal rec would be the Dead Nation series. The aro(ace) character is the rival turned eventual friend in the first book and in the second she gets the share POV. It’s such a good fucking story, I can't recommend it enough. 

There’s also The Last 8 which I JUST found out has a sequel while looking for a link for you omg. The MC is bisexual and aro. Another fantasy setting. I should say lots of people die in all of these books I'm recommending you and they have heavy themes and questionable morals at times. I like that kind of thing haha. 

The Murderbot Diaries has 6 books in its series and is all about saving people and coming together. It's beautiful and fucking funny. The MC is aro and ace and romance is only mentioned in passing the whole series.

Idk if you care about this sort of thing but none of the characters say they are aromantic in the text. They all say "romance isn’t for me" in various ways, multiple times, and act like it. Which I appreciate. 

There are probably more and I hope other people add to this list. The character database is v cool but it’s a lot of text I struggle to compute and nothing beats a personal review. 

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