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  1. LaReine


    Hey guys :) I didn't know where to post this... Two days ago I started an aspec awarness account and I'd love if you would follow me 🥰 It's https://www.instagram.com/_gr_ace_ous_/ (I'm shit with names and this was the only pun I could think of lol. Not the most creative one) Of course I'll follow you back. You can also promote your accounts in the comments. I also have a bookstagram account: https://www.instagram.com/fromangelsbatsandchaos/
  2. tout le mond, la majorité et la minorité, minette can't remember my favorite English words haha In German it's stuff like Gefrierbrand, Wahlpflichtfach etc.
  3. Anyone else like "Technically not out, but I just don't care anymore"? Like, technically I'm not out (whatever this means) but I just don't care anymore. I'm so fed up with not having anyone to speak to, I frequently post aro/ace/queer memes and awarness post in my IG stories etc. and don't care who reads it (as long as my mum doesn't read it because I have no motivation for having that discussion with her) Also I became very outspoken about the state of my mental health lol.
  4. The label makes me feel freerer. I'm finally able to sort out my feelings towards other people because I know they are not romantic. And I feel less like an outcast now for not wanting a relationship. I'm at peace with the fact that platonic affection for my friends and family is enough for me.
  5. I mean, I don't even understand relationships and even less the concept of romance at all. But anyone else feeling lonely on a platonic level? I don't have much friends and I never feel like I can talk to the few I have. Moreover, I'm shit at making new friends and especially forming lasting friendships (mostly because I'm a social and emotional disaster who tends to push people away as soon as I get emotionally attached to them).
  6. Recommendations for books with aromantic characters or about aromanticism itself. After a lot of digging, I alreay found some books with aromantic characters. Do you maybe know some more? I prefer fantasy and fiction, but everything else is also fine. Anyways, I can never find books explaining aromanticism. Only books focusing on asexuality. Maybe any recommendations here?
  7. After I finished Loveless today (great book btw) I had this thought. It's a little bit jumbled and I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Is it just me or is aro representation really missing in media? I mean, even ace is not properly represented. But when you happen to stumble over an aro character, they are typicially aroace, rarely allosexual or somewhere on the acespectrum yet not inheretly ace. Like, nothing against aroaces.... It's just that when the rare case of aro representation happens, it's to 99% paired with asexuality. As an bi-graysexual aro I would l
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