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  1. I think aro should be considered under the A of lgbtqia+ with ace and agender. Especially because this acronym is the most widely known, and thus easier to spread awareness with. Though no objections from me if you prefer sgrm or mogai ( Marginalized Orientations Gender Alignments and Intersex). The most important thing is that you are comfortable with your own label (or lack thereoff)
  2. I was not expecting the need for a measuring tape. I did not know any of the cartoon characters or really what i was supposed to do with my political opinion, im not american. Mostly suprised non binary was not a possible result
  3. Hi Nessa, That is interesting. For me ace was easier to pin down than aro. Mostly because I find it easier to imagine what sexual attraction is supposed to feel like compared to romantic attraction. Thank you and the others who reacted for welcoming me
  4. In my exploration of this forum and AVEN I have found 3 discord servers. If you have not found them between now and the time you posted this I could send you the invites. If you have, see you there maybe
  5. These are short stories but I found them quite interesting. The post I found it on has a link for a pdf or epub file.
  6. Thank you both. I am a bit new to forums and discord so I still have trouble finding stuff. I will look at both :)
  7. I have not found a group to play with yet, but this thread explains so much about the bard I designed. Aimed at the stereotype, the bard is very interested in people. But before any romance or bedroom action can happen they get so inspired they end up composing or drawing etc. To the frustration of previous people who where the subject of said inspiration ;)
  8. Hi everyone, I am also new to this site (and AVEN & Acebook). I finally decided to figure out which labels matched with who I am and on AVEN I found a link to this forum so now I'm here. So, I identify as grey aroace. This because due to a lack of crushes/squishes I have no clue if am am demi or cupio, so I decided to stick with grey for now. It would be nice to get to know similar people, both international and fellow Dutch people.
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