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Caption Contest Picture

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So this competitions just came up on my Deviant Art account https://www.deviantart.com/team/art/Caption-Contest-841805391

Basic comp. Make up a caption for this picture by Cyarin (https://www.deviantart.com/cyarin) :



I totally read the facial expression as surprise/fear rather than anything else and in all the comments people are going on about 'your crush returning your feelings' comments. I mainly use my phone for communication not picture browsing, so my brain went straight to assuming human-to-human interaction,  though I can sort of see where all the cute animal reaction captions are coming from.

Do the little hearts in the image really change the perceptions of facial expressions? 

Is my aroness seeing the hearts and overlaying my own disdain, which then makes me see the image as representing something very not-positive?

Or are the hearts making the allos automatically assume good things about that facial expression?

If the hearts weren't there, what would the expression read as? 

Who knows.....but what do you think?

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What an interesting thing to come across when just casually living in the world. I think I can get both interpretations. The person looks surprised by the hearts. On one hand they are blushing so I could see people reading that as excitement, but on the other hand I feel like the eyebrows make me think the person is a bit worried. It's like this moment was captured right as they were about to land on an expression. For some reason I first thought that the hearts were coming from the phone but on second glance it seems obvious they are surrounding the person.

I think it's quite interesting that interpretation can change (and discussion can be had!) based on our experiences. Art truly is a subjective experience, huh.

(Beautiful art, by the way! I really like the style by this artist.)

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This is nice art but... I find the facial expression confusing with the hearts.

But I thought about this: when discovering a text from a loved one:

  1. first feeling happy when seeing the sender (hearts)
  2. then surprise or being attentive. Her face althought seems quite scared <-- "Hi, I hope you wont mind but Mom said she would join us on our next lunch.")
  3. then feeling happy (hearts), hopefully...
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17 hours ago, Neir said:

they are blushing

because the shading goes up the nose (I don't know anyone who has a blushing nose...unless it is sunburn) I see the face shading as similar to that seen in those Halloween type flashlight-under-the-chin moments. 

(I really like the art style too! I just found this image conflicting)

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