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How do you prefer to interact with people?


Interpersonal interaction preferences.  

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I can't answer because it depend too much on context.


Who i am interacting with? Why do i want to interact with them? What is my mental state at the moment? How large is the group? What are we here for? How close i am with them?


I only can tell you for sure that i don't interact that much with peoples. I also have trouble with having several groups. I am not sure why : is my experience (or lack of it ) with peoples to blame or is that just how i am? Not that important i guess. Maybe i just dont like it ?‍♂️


And even then, i don't always trust groups (i wish i did). It can be so… ephemeral. So fragile.


It's complicate. I like the idea of a group, for exemple. But i have bad experience with them (like i said ). I... think things are getting better that being said. I still have hope.

I also like the idea of "one to one" if i want to talk about feelings or serious things. Because it's easier to be heard.


In my ideals and in real life my answers are different.


(or maybe i just don't understand the question )

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I say one to one with different persons. I am not at ease when there is a lot of people, I never know how to act. It's worst if I don't know them well. I am more at ease with one to one interaction with friends.

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I don't mind interacting with others in a professional context. Socially-as little as possible and preferably one to one.Then again I would be okay with moderate social interaction if the person "gets" me. This does not happen often of course haha




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I chose "in several different groups" because group dynamics is were I tend to have the best time. But in order to have great group dynamic I think you need to get to know at least a few of the people in a one-on-one context too. Most of my social interactions are one-on-one but that's because people are often not available at the same time.

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For me, it very much depends on the context. I'm just fine with talking about something one on one or in groups, but as soon as there isn't really a topic I just don't know how to keep the conversation going if it's a one on one situation and thus prefer small groups. But even in groups I'll just listen most of the time and only rarely make a remark.

But this also depends on my personal state of mind. If I'm tired or something like that even small groups can be overwhelming. Then "as little as possible" applies.


I think in general, my attitude to interactions with other people is in some way like solving difficult math problems: It can be fun, but it's also a lot of work and requires concentration, so it's not something I'd do if I want to relax.

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I like variety. Some times I need to be alone. Sometimes I need to be in a big group of friends, sometimes I need one-on-one... Sometimes I need to be alone reading on a park bench in a busy park or in a busy coffee shop... 

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