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hello my name is


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I'm 29, I live in rainy Wales. 

I came to conclusion of being aro in the possible worst time  - after I'v got engaged to my boyfriend. That's a separate story tho...


My favourite things to do are: drawing, cooking, reading, buying clothes and dressing up. :) 

Main reason of setting up an account is to learn about myself and other people and their experiences. I find it difficult to make any friends but I will hope for the best.


So - Hi. :)

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Helloooo. I've got to say you're really brave for breaking off the engagment after discovering you're aro. 

You could've ignored your feelings to settle down and fall into society's pressure. It also must have been tough to break off with someone you probably liked enough to agree to marry. I hope he was understanding. Anyway, I really admire you for it ♥.

Welcoooome heeere :aroicecream:

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17 hours ago, DeltaV said:

Did @Puns really state that?!? Where?

No she didn't but she said she realized she was when she was engaged and that it was a breakup story. I'm not sure if she was the one breaking off it just made sense to me and either way it must have been a hard experience anyway.

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Cześć! I witam! Fellow Polish person here. :) Although I am way over in Canada...

Just as the others have said, finding out that you are aro and having the courage to accept this and come forward when you have is really amazing. I hope everything goes ok for you, and that this place can give you some good resources.

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Someday, I hope we can hear that story. It sounds like something we can all learn from. No rush or necessity to tell it if you don't want to, of course.  


On a happier note:


Welcome to Arocalypse! Have some thematically appropriate ice cream!


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