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  1. Hello! I also like drawing but I’m trash lol.
  2. Songs don’t bug me that much. Very vivid descriptions of love in books make me uncomfortable. Kissing/makeing out scenes in movies make me want to cringe. The thing that’s probably the worst is seeing people in public hug/kiss. Not like friends or family hugging but two people who are clearly dating. Also when my friends sit on the lap/hold hands with their bf or gf. It makes me internationally shrivel up. I don’t want to come off as hating the person they are dating, because I don’t I just really dislike the romance, but I feel like everyone can see me visibly cringing at them holding hands and then I feel like I am being rude.
  3. My parents aren’t super lovey dovey but occasionally they acted romantically. They occasionally bring up a boy I know in school and ask me if I think he’s cute but that’s about all they do. I feel uncomfortable around my friends when they hug and sit on the lap of their bf or gf and any make out scenes in movies make me internaly cringe as well. In middle school when my friends first started dating all that happened was a bunch of drama when they broke up and crying and school dances. I feel like romantic love is fine enough but when you get to invested in it all it causes is a mess. I feel like it was kinda molded from seeing my friends drama play out in middle school and in movies where people do ridiculous things in the name of love (less movies because that stuff wouldn’t happen in real life.)
  4. Good luck! I hope it goes/went well! I don’t think I will really come out to many more people then the one friend who knows. I feel like some of my friends would call me attention seeking and think I am just trying to be special and unique or something. I feel like it would disappoint my parents abit. Not because I am not straight but because they would think it means they will never have grandchildren. I don’t feel bad about not coming out I just feel like coming out wouldn’t do me much good.
  5. I don’t really care who a character dates (unless the person they are dating is abusive/ a jerk, then I care. That is why I ship Zutara, Zuko deserves better then Mei.) Mostly I ship to be comical, like Sheriarty.
  6. Thank you so much everybody! I think I have a better understanding now.
  7. I am unsure if maybe I am just rushing and jumping to conclusions and a relationship will come later or if I am aro. I am 14 and have never had a crush, I have never been in a relationship or asked out, I find romantic plots boring and get annoyed when a practical relationship in movies is ended because the couple doesn’t “feel the same love as before” or something, feel awkward around friends flirting or hugging their gf or bf, but I don’t want to die alone when I grow up and I would like to raise kids someday (mainly because they will definitely mean I won’t die alone.) I am wondering when most people realize whether they are aro or not so I can tell if it is too early for me to tell or if this is around the age most people realize it.
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