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18 hours ago, Treehugger said:

I would love to study marine biology if my parents weren't so set on me studying optometry.

Remember it is your future, but I had a friend who wanted to be a doctor but her parents wanted her to be an accountant, she became an accountant and seems happy though. 


As for my hippy stuff:

  • I mostly eat ethical local, feral shot or farm butcher meats
  • I try to buy fruit and veg from local farmers markets whenever I can, or grow my own (though I only seem to be able to grow silverbeet, peas and radishes)
  • I live in Australia and don't have an air conditioner
  • I bad mouth to anyone who will listen the new development houses that rely on air con and don't have water tanks or solar panels (also lots of them are wild fire traps)
  • I shop at op shops a lot, give new life to old things, including furniture
  • I live mostly plastic bag free, and I reuse all the plastic bags that I do happen to get. 
  • I don't shower all that often, I guess every 3-4 days though if I'm not doing anything special on the weekend it stretches to once a week.
  • Showers and washing the dishes is the only time I use hot water. Basin baths, laundry and anything else uses cold water.
  • I had a pressure hot water service installed, so no water heater tank, no pilot light. The gas only ignites when it senses the hot water tap being turned on. I also use the cold water that flows before it gets hot for things. 

I know I can be more eco, but what I really want to do it get a dog so I can stop using a heater in winter! dog blankets are the best. 

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I saw my first Townsend's warbler and Black-throated gray warbler last week! Two new bird species in one week is a great week for just about any birdwatcher.


On 10/15/2017 at 2:07 PM, Treehugger said:

You guys are so cool, you are all doing so much to help the earth. Bees and corals are my favourite things on this beautiful earth. Corals are the most fascinating animals and I would love to study marine biology if my parents weren't so set on me studying optometry.



*hisses from the dark side* join the ecologistssssssss

We have all the besssst workplacessssss


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Yay, fellow tree-huggers! :D


- I'm plant-based (vegetarian, no eggs) with occasional dairy (was vegan, but since I no longer live in a major city down South, non-dairy alternatives are out of my budget)

- Working towards Zero Waste - I only have two products that have plastic in my bathroom now! 

- Avid amateur birdwatcher (I need to get a bird guide for the Northwest so I can identify more!) 

- Cold wash/air dry all my laundry + all household products are natural/biodegradable 

- Walk/public transit all day every day (even in -30 celscius)

- Love being outside/hiking/canoeing/living outside (tent life = best life) 

- Very much into learning about plants/animals/geology/geography/weather 


Always a process, but I'm working toward a more eco-friendly life because the Earth is just too incredible not to save. :)


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*high fives all the tree huggers*


I've been a vegetarian for over 20 years. I try to live a minimalistic lifestyle, and love buying second hand stuff. Oh, and i clean my house using natural products (mostly vinegar) and use non-animal tested products as much as possible.

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  • I eat mostly vegan. Just the occasional meat when I'm someones dinner guest and sometimes yogurt, because it's delicious.
  • I do water-only washing of my hair. It doesn't work great; my hair looks pretty dull most days, but I make it up in cool braids or buns.
  • I try to buy things used when possible and only what I need.
  • I don't own a car and walk to work

I don't care about bugs though. Except as a potential source of protein. Unfortunately the Swedish Food Administration has decided to not approve any bugs as food.


On 2017-06-27 at 11:46 AM, SamwiseLovesLife said:


  • I sleep without a pillow and when staying places, often on the floor (more natural for your body/spine)


I would like to sleep on the floor. I have some back pain and have noticed that the most comfortable position for that  is to sleep on my back with a pillow under my knees, on a hard bed. My current bed is too soft though and instead of buying a new one I'd rather just get rid of it. I've tried sleeping on a thin mattress on the floor and it's pretty comfortable, but after more than a night my tailbone hurts. Do you have any tips for how to deal with that?

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On 2018-02-24 at 6:21 PM, DeltaV said:

oh, you too? Damn lack of assertiveness! xD




Actually, I think that it's much better to be a pragmamic flexitarian when it comes to inspiring others. A lot of people ask me about my diet and I tell them "I eat mostly vegan". That way it's much more of an everyday choice than something you are or not. It makes people see veganism more as a scale and they start talking about how they would like to eat more vegetarian or vegan.

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I've been a veggie since my junior year of high school, and have been practicing yoga for just as long. I try to meditate every day. I literally can't walk past litter I have to pick it up. I walk or take the bus if it's late I try to reduce my consumption, so  try to thift and buy whole and as I need it. I will go barefoot if I can, and I have to be outside if its nice out. I always love outside critters like frogs and snakes and weird bugs. I love trees I spent a month volunteering with reforestation and conservation efforts in Zambia and Zimbabwe. As realistically anti capitalist as I can be while in uni. I cry at sunrises and sunsets, and I am a typical biology major who thinks life is cool as fuck. 

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i'm vegan.  food, clothing, cosmetics, household products, everything, no animal ingredients, no animal testing, no exceptions.  i'm trying to buy fair trade and natural stuff as much as possible (again, not just food).  both those tie in very much with my career aspirations in fashion design--cruelty-free couture is beautiful!  people get mad, but consider this: it's an animal rights movement, with environmental benefits, not a popularity contest.  also--and i can't stress this enough--i don't care.

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I'm trying to be a tree hugger but I could still do a lot more.

I'm vegan (with respect to diet at least) as of 9 days but before then I still tried to eat as little meat and dairy as I could for the environment.

I try to pick up litter when I can, especially when in nature. I often have my family/friends rolling their eyes at me after a walk in the woods or by the beach. I use bar shampoo to save plastic.

I'd love to go barefoot all the time, but I'm too timid. I have walked barefoot in my local park oncd or twice though.

I've tried to take up yoga multiple times but I'm bad at sticking to things.

In the future I plan to be much more tree hugging

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