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  1. Currently reading Interesting Times by Terry Pratchett. I finished reading Soul Music this week so this one is up next since I'm reading the Discword books in the order they were published. I also just finished Debate Kids at the End of the World by Alex Nonymous which I read in two afternoons. Mostly I've been reading Discword books recently with the occasional short queer YA novel in between so I don't get tired of reading the same style all the time. Because as much as I enjoy Terry Pratchett 's writing style there's over 40 of these books and I'm three books shy of being halfway through so I'm trying to make sure there is at least a little bit of variety in there. My favorite book just in general is Good Omens which I love for far too many reasons to list here. As for genres, I always like a good mystery of pretty much any variety. I tend to read a lot of queer YA novels because they're fun and I like seeing how much more representation is in books these days and they're like the book equivalent of a comfort food to me especially if they're short enough to get through in a day and I've just finished reading something heavier. I also think a lot of stuff with scifi or fantasy elements is really neat. Sometimes I like horror too but I tend to be kind of picky when it comes to that.
  2. Hey! I only just now realized that I forgot to respond to this, so sorry about that. anyways:
  3. Because I'm Mae. Or am I? The online world will never know. I just like how it sounds tbh.
  4. They do look really similar anyways this reminded me that I hadnt done the aroaceflux flag yet:
  5. Greetings! I too have autism and adhd
  6. It's nebularomantic! https://www.lgbtqia.wiki/wiki/Nebularomantic Aroaceflux is still missing from the set because there's so many different versions of the flag but I might do that one in the future
  7. yes I've done other pride flags as well. are there any specific ones you'd be interested in?
  8. Currently listening to Should I by Sir Chloe but I've had Laplace's Angel (Hurt People? Hurt People!) by Will Wood stuck in my head all morning
  9. Oh okay, thanks for letting me know! I will definitely be checking some of these out they sound awesome!
  10. Yeah totally. At the last a-spec meetup I went to, after Heartstopper came up in conversation because of the new season we actually spend around and hour talking about romance media and afterwards shipping and fanfics and at least three of the people at the table who talked about liking that stuff where aromantic (there was also a group of new people there and i don't know how all of them identify so it might have been more) so yeah there definitely are aros who do like romance media. But I should also mention that four people ditched us to go play Uno because the topic wasn't all that interesting to them.
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