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Liking lovecore but I have no romantic feelings whatsoever

Guest Janette

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Guest Janette

I like lovecore. Red and pink are my favorite colors, my favorite flowers are roses (specifically red ones) heart shaped accessories are the cutest to me and boxes of chocolate are so good! Reading old love letters and love poems are sweet too. 

But I hate the fact that lovecore is associated with the concept of romance and romantic intentions in general, that’s when it gets gross to me.

I have no problems with romance or romantic couples (alloromantic friends and allies are cool) and if I were to receive notes that have compliments and flowers, I’d like it to be platonic only. If I were to go out to dinner or dancing it’d be with a friend and we only remain friends. If there were any romantic intentions behind those gifts that’s when I’ll be repulsed. Platonic hugs and cheek kisses to me are nice, but if it were romantic that’s when I’d be disgusted.

I just hate the fact that lovecore is associated with romance and “couples only.” I don’t like romance in real life. I only like it in my movies and playing them in dating sim games.

Why should hearts, roses and chocolates be “romantic?” Why should candlelit dinners with hugs and kisses be “romantic?” Why can’t nice gestures just be gestures unless said otherwise? Context, intent and attractions matter.

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