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  1. If you found someone who met all your standards, you hadn't told them you were aroace, and there was no pressure to be in a serious relationship with them, how would you feel? What would you want to do with them? I used to think I had high standards, then I realized someone would have to meet all my standards for me to tolerate them in my life, but it wouldn't make me attracted to them. Yes I believe this is very common.
  2. My mom is shipping me with the neighbor again. I told her I didn't like when she does that, but I don't feel like coming out rn. 😑

  3. I don't feel "connected" to humanity, but I'm a human, I accept that, I don't really wish I was anything else.
  4. Yeah, I get this too. I'd like to have friends of different genders but it's hard. I've had someone think I was interested in them because I was being helpful (part of my job, and I was trying to be nice since the things we were moving were heavy), and for chatting about our shared hobbies. I'm also afraid to compliment people in case they'll take it wrong. My other problem is turning them down without coming out...?
  5. I never felt like Valentine's Day was a "real" holiday... just a day you get candy on.
  6. I figured out I was ace first, then saw someone on Aven mention aromantics and Apocalypse. I denied it for about a week before I admitted to myself that rolling dice to pick a person to have a crush on isn't exactly alloromantic. This whole journey started when I was reading random articles online to pass the time. Until then, I always figured I was the normal one and everyone else was just pretending romantic love was a real thing.
  7. I don't have any examples to post but writing is one of my hobbies ?
  8. I'd interpret it like that too... and assume that it was foreshadowing the character meeting their "special someone"
  9. I think it's good, especially since you said you aren't trying to educate. Dunno how you'd interpret "he isn't into any gender" as "oh he doesn't like romance".
  10. I just joined! I write fiction (as a hobby so far!) and most of my main characters are aromantic/asexual.
  11. Not trying to be the devil's advocate here (I don't support 3-day eventing), but the article says Jet Set had an "irreparable ligament rupture in the lower right limb". Leg injuries in horse are notoriously hard to treat, for multiple reasons. A horse weighs 1,000 pounds or more, doesn't understand that it needs to stand still to heal, and has to stand and move around to support its circulatory system. This is why broken legs and other severe leg injuries are still "fatal" most of the time, even now with shock wave therapy, IRAP, and other cutting-edge treatments. Again, not trying to argue, just wanted to add some context.
  12. When I was like 11, I wrote a whole poem about how romance was stupid ? but most of the time I acted like it didn't exist (bc for me it didn't). I'm not out as aromantic or asexual but at this rate I think my friends and family would be more shocked if I did date someone.
  13. The Redwall series, because of the nostalgia, lack of romance, and world building. I aspired to be like the hero characters in the series. Yeah, my only role models from books (and I read a lot as a kid) were talking rodents. ? I turned out fine though. ? Now I don't really read anymore since so many "adult" books are all about romance.
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