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  1. JustMe

    would you rather

    I would rather win a marathon because i really like running. Reach the top of a mountain sounds also nice but I can't climb😅 Wyr eat fruits or candy?
  2. JustMe

    Life is...

    Life is "Don't worry, be happy"
  3. JustMe

    would you rather

    Fly to to mars. I kinda like the Idea of Spaceships etc😂 wyr watch Netflix or Youtube?
  4. Thank you all 😊
  5. JustMe

    would you rather

    Time travel, I don't want to know what other ppl are thinking. Would you rather have a snake or a fish?
  6. Hey, just wanted to say hello I'm new here and questioning if I'm aroace. I'm still a little younger in comparison to other ppl but since I have never felt romantic attracted or had a crush...For me it was never a big deal and I always thought that everyone else is also not interested in dating but now even my younger siblings always talk about boys etc. and I felt kinda left behind. I have heard about the term aromantic before but I was always like: "Most likely I'm aro but I don't care." It just didn't bother me bc I was not aware of that apparently everyone has crushes all the time😅. (Sorry for my bad English)
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