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  1. I don't have any examples to post but writing is one of my hobbies 😃
  2. I'd interpret it like that too... and assume that it was foreshadowing the character meeting their "special someone"
  3. I think it's good, especially since you said you aren't trying to educate. Dunno how you'd interpret "he isn't into any gender" as "oh he doesn't like romance".
  4. I just joined! I write fiction (as a hobby so far!) and most of my main characters are aromantic/asexual.
  5. Not trying to be the devil's advocate here (I don't support 3-day eventing), but the article says Jet Set had an "irreparable ligament rupture in the lower right limb". Leg injuries in horse are notoriously hard to treat, for multiple reasons. A horse weighs 1,000 pounds or more, doesn't understand that it needs to stand still to heal, and has to stand and move around to support its circulatory system. This is why broken legs and other severe leg injuries are still "fatal" most of the time, even now with shock wave therapy, IRAP, and other cutting-edge treatments. Again, not trying to argue, just wanted to add some context.
  6. When I was like 11, I wrote a whole poem about how romance was stupid 😅 but most of the time I acted like it didn't exist (bc for me it didn't). I'm not out as aromantic or asexual but at this rate I think my friends and family would be more shocked if I did date someone.
  7. The Redwall series, because of the nostalgia, lack of romance, and world building. I aspired to be like the hero characters in the series. Yeah, my only role models from books (and I read a lot as a kid) were talking rodents. 😶 I turned out fine though. 🐭 Now I don't really read anymore since so many "adult" books are all about romance.
  8. If I say something complimentary about someone, people assume it's because I like them.
  9. Yeah, I also thought I was super mature. Wasn't really an outcast. But I was known as an overachiever so maybe everyone thought I was too busy for relationships. Apparently a few people acted interested in me and I was oblivious. I thought crushes and high school relationships were stupid and cringey. Then I read that high school relationships prepare you for dating as an adult and felt super immature and naive. Then I realized I didn't want a relationship, so why would I practice being in one?
  10. Princess Bride 😄(the only romantic subplot I could stand as a child... yeah that should've clued me in)
  11. A spectrum of genders isn't some modern liberal idea - historically, many cultures across the world have three or more genders. Here's a map showing some of these cultures (there are even more that aren't on the map). I don't know if that'll convince him though 🤷‍♂️
  12. Don't mind me, just over here hiding from the definition drama on Aven. 

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    2. Sam Spade

      Sam Spade

      @Lovebird I would if I understood it myself 😅 but basically Aven (the asexuality forum) is changing their definition of asexual to "having little or no attraction"  (so it'll include demisexual and gray-ace, I guess??) and now people are arguing over definitions again, and even talking about making a new forum. 

    3. Lovebird


      Ohh dear, not surprised people would be angry. People exact greys and demis to pick a side all the time. 

    4. 2 Spirit Cherokee Princess

      2 Spirit Cherokee Princess

      Including grays & demis isn't a bad idea.  But it sure is silly for them to say "the word asexual will now mean something different on this website than what it means to the rest of the world."

  13. Sam Spade

    The Future

    My goals for the future are to progress in my career, make enough money to move out... I have a few pets/livestock and would like more if I have enough time to care for them. I also volunteer with a local youth group and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I don't want a partner or kids. I have enough of a community that I don't feel lonely.
  14. I've felt alterous (like friendship I guess) attraction a few times, that's it.
  15. @eatingcroutons Thanks! I saw it on Aven too and was stumped.
  16. Welcome! I couldn't upload any photos (files were too large) so here's some virtual cake!!! 🥞🍰
  17. I've seen this on some profiles and was just wondering what it meant.
  18. It doesn't really affect my career... I get asked if I have a SO occasionally but I just say "I'm focusing on my career". Don't know if it'll work when I'm older but no one bothers me now. On the plus side, there's no one in my life to feel neglected when I'm working all day. Except my pets, who have a good pet-sitter.
  19. Yes, I only had a few friends, and they moved away. I'm always the one who reaches out which makes me wonder if anyone actually likes hanging out with me...
  20. That's my impression of romance, and I'm just uncomfortable with that drive being aimed at me, because I know I can't reciprocate.
  21. Excellent point! I hadn't thought of that.
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