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  1. This is going to be really short and not greatly explained, so I'd love if someone elaborated. We question the fabric of our society, change what has been imposed since childhood, the idea of a romantic love for every person, which makes us so so valuable. We question if love is distinctly sectioned (romantic, platonic) or if it's mergeable for others (people in QPR's). And that's incredible.
  2. Yum! I love it grilled! brussel sprouts?
  3. Ew for me! I can't stand the texture for some reason. Key lime pie?
  4. So I was with one of my friends, they're asexual and grey romantic and we were listening to the radio while driving to campus and this love song started playing, I forget what is was. We both weren't in the mood so I switched the station. But then another really cheesy song was playing. So again I switched it. And then there was another. We switched seven stations before we just turned it off. Just. Why?
  5. I relate to this on so many levels. The feeling of liking a song, trying to find the lyrics then the sheer disappointment of realising it's about love is so annoying.
  6. I was talking to my friend who's trans-masc about LGBTQ identities and when I brought up being aromatic we started talking about it. He was super chill but he mentioned that some people don't consider aromanticism and asexuality LGBT or being heterosexual, which I did know about. But then he told me about SGRM (Sexual, Gender & Romantic minority) and how some people identify under that. So I want to know from some of the Aro's here what you identify as and why.
  7. The title speaks for it all! I just want to have a sort of list of why being aromantic is epic because I know a lot of people sometimes judge themselves for being aromantic. One of my aro friends described that when you learn you're aro it's like "your own breakup" except other people don't get it as much and I want people to have a place where they know how cool they are So let's get some positivity about aromanticism! One of my favourite reasons for being aro is we challenge the boundaries of romance and sexuality unlike anyone else. How many people can say they take apart one of the bases of our society and defy it the way we do? From aroace's to allo aro's we break down the fibres of romance unlike anyone else and I think that's pretty damn cool. Please list your reasons about why you love being aromantic because we all need some validity and joy sometimes.
  8. Granted but you start sleeping so often that you nod off every minute. Soon, you fall into an eternal slumber. I wish I could be more controlled.
  9. You become a punk rocker but the flowers tangle in your hair so tightly that every time you squint, smile, frown move your eyebrows, or basically move your face, thorns poke your scalp and no one can get rid of them. I wish that I could remember all my friends birthdays.
  10. I get it but I prefer to be exclusionary to a few people than an entire community
  11. Yeah my prom was a lot of fun. One guy threw up on his date's shoes and she slapped him.
  12. When I was a senior in high school, I attended prom with a group of friends. Only one of my friends was dating someone but it's kinda funny, cause she broke up with him pretty soon after prom so she's always like "I should have went with you guys." Um we stayed in the corner and ate chips until my friends went to dance with each other cause we were bored as hell. But honestly I really enjoyed it.
  13. Roundabout-Yes Can we be friends-Tyler the Creator After the storm-Kali Uchis Freedom- Pharrell Williams All I need- Khai dreams Buttercup-Jack Stauber Weighing me Down- Deante Hitchcock The Whole "Being Dead" Thing-from Beetlejuice the Musical Redbone- Childish Gambino Yeah no specific genre but I like them a lot!
  14. I like aro spaces cause that feels like a bigger part of my identity. Like being romance and sex repulsed are both important but I feel like if I was just asexual it would be more normalised than if I was just aro cause I could still engage in romantic things.
  15. (surrounds myself with people I hate) that actually sounds pretty amazing a million dollars but you have to go to the dentist and get a tooth pulled out
  16. Oh, I thought friends with benefits were friends who platonically got married for tax reasons until fourth grade. I was probably the most oblivious aroace ever
  17. @vinniebandit This quote isn't totally correct to me. There are a couple of problem and even though the idea is okay, I think the way this author portray's romantic love isn't great. BTW I have also read both of the articles and I think they are okay, but the way they influence amatonormavity also leads me to believe that these weren't made to be inclusive. 1. It starts with "between a man and a woman" which is already harmful to the LGBTQ+ community. Even though this was written in 1980, this isn't inclusive or kind. 2. It says Romantic love "reflect's a high regard for the value of each others person". This also is harmful to people because platonic relationships also have a high regard for the value of a person. I care about my friends a lot but I just don't want a romantic relationship with them and I assume that is true for a lot of aro people. 3. He mentions that they need a strong sexual attraction but that is just harmful for the ace community, sexual attraction isn't romantic attraction. You can have sexual attraction and no romantic attraction (Aromantic), romantic attraction and no sexual attraction (Asexual), neither, both or somewhere in between (grey and demi). Again this article is old and the general idea is a study, but feelings fade in and out. You can really enjoy something, then really dislike it later. Platonic love vs Romantic love is something that is hard to understand for me as I am aroace, but I think that romantic love is just what you consider romantic actions. From what I understand, romantic feelings differ from platonic feelings because there is usually a different connotation of the way you feel. You may like hugging your friends, but hugging a signifacant other feels different I guess? I think it's a way your feelings and actions differ from people/ a person who you feel romantically attracted too, compared to the average person or friend. I hope this helps!
  18. Um...I think this isn't the best place to ask this question cause most people here are on the aromantic spectrum and don't experience romantic attraction to certain degrees. I think talking it out in a calm matter is always a good idea thought that is just my personal opinion.
  19. Unfortunately, you turn out to be allergic to raspberries and the straw pokes your hands. I wish my apartment wasn't so hot.
  20. I did come out recently to my parents and they both somewhat accept me. Well enough as long as I don't bring it up, they are fine. I've become a. lot stronger over the years, mainly because of something traumatic, but now I don't take orders.
  21. So I grew up very indian-ly. And when I was younger, I wanted to get a pixie cut (now I got one) and so I asked my mom and dad if I could. My dad was VERY against that but my mom didn't care too much. So my dad and I got into a giant fight. And so when my mom tried to intervene, my dad said, "Will she get married with that haircut?" And I was like, "What?" And he went, "You are going to marry someone with that haircut? No good indian boy will like that. This leads to bad marriages and other things, that's why the divorce rate is high in America." And I was like, "That's why you don't want me to get it?" Important lesson learned: Haircuts ruin marriages.
  22. True! (I kinda forget then come back then forget then come back) TPBM likes frogs
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