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  1. For me, the worst part is that I end up alienating the people that I like a lot. Because, from the moment I discover that they want to have something more than just friendship I end up alienating them and I end up losing their friendship. And sometimes I fell like what I fell is always insufficient, that people always expect and deserve more than I can fell for them.🙁
  2. Yes, I agree with you. I think that only I need to know myself, I wonder what their reaction would be, but I think that wouldn’t matter because I think none of them can change that, I won’t tell anyone, at least for now, until I get to know myself better, maybe.
  3. Hiiii guys, well I recently discovered myself as aro, although I think it is something that has accompanied me my whole life, and perhaps my family has already suspected at some point. I think there will be a day when I will have to tell them, because they always tell me that I have to learn to do such a thing when I get married, about my future husband and uncomfortable things like that. But I think they must have noticed by the way I answer them like: "WHAT, HOW SO ?? HUSBAND??? NEVERRRR URGHHH "hahahahah, I remember when I was a child my mother told me that I could tell her about the boys that I liked ... obviously it never happened because I never liked any boy and if I told her that. ..she would end up thinking I'm a lesbian, if she doesn't already, the question is that I don't like either of them hahahaha. how was it with you guys ?? your parents already suspected ?? handled it well ?? Sorry for too long text and sorry for my English hahaahah
  4. I discovered myself as aro not so long ago, this week actually, at 16 years old. In fact, now looking back, I have always been like this but only now can I feel that I don't have to force myself to do things that I never felt comfortable doing, I thought like this: "it is not possible that I don't like anyone" hahahaah I got there pretend I liked a boy from my school, but it was never real. Now now, knowing that there is a denomination for what I feel, I learned my wants and my tastes and I don't need to force myself into anything, because now I know myself. That's really good.😂
  5. Wow niceeee to meet you Rony, good luck in your learning and if you have any questions about portuguese, maybe i can help you :) Thank u ♡
  6. Hiii guys, u can call me of venuxxxx (a nickname), I'm 16 and I from Brazil. Lately I've been thinking about myself, cuz I always felt different about relationships. Sooo I think I can be a aro. Well, I never saw the romantic and even sexual relationship I think (I still have doubts about it) as an important thing, in fact I think it is something that I would live without these things. I feel very uncomfortable with other people's touch, I don't like to hug or kiss them. I never understood the "obsession" that people had for each other, I never felt that. I even pretended that I liked someone to fit me in or to try to feel what people felt. My mom told me that I could tell her about the people I liked, but it never happened because I never felt any kind of attraction to other people, in fact the only attraction I feel for people is physical (?) Like, I see people on the street and I can think they're pretty, but I don't feel like touching them, or kissing them, or anything like that. well, I could write a bible here about everything I feel, because I've been thinking about it a lot and now that I've discovered other people like me, everything has become very clear to me. I finally felt part of something, now I feel comfortable saying that I am aro. If anyone has any questions about whether or not aro, you can ask me how my discovery went, maybe I can help. Well, sorry for the big text and the English too (I used the Google translator hahaha) and thanks so much for reading this far :)
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