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  1. Thinking about experimenting with aroflux for a bit.


    Having trouble telling the difference between romantic attraction and platonic attraction again

  2. I always saw/treated romance as "a best-friendship with extra steps/benefits" , which probably explains a lot about how I view my orientation now. I just never fully grasped what made a romantic relationship different from a platonic one, aside from kissing I guess?? I actually don't mind kissing (although experience is limited), but is that really the only thing that makes it different? At least whats considered socially acceptable. I like romantic-coded things in fiction, and seeing two people with really good chemistry interact, but when I try to replicate the same thing it always
  3. I usually try to restrict myself from posting a lot on these forums because I don't want to seem "annoying", but I really do wish they were more active. Unrelated: are there any good aro-spec discord servers?
  4. Feeling like rubbish today, everyone else is talking about this special day and i'm out here feeling like I'm the only person in the world who can't enjoy it.

    1. MulticulturalFarmer


      Same here, especially with the lack of QPRs in my life.

  5. I'm planning on making my own mini comic about my personal aro experiences and posting a part each day!
  6. As someone who had a pretty lonely childhood and had "romantic relationships are the best" shoved in my face constantly, I think knowing a lot sooner would have helped prevent me from getting into horrible situations. Trying to force yourself to feel things that you don't feel can be very confusing and pretty damaging, at least for me it was. I remember going into my new classroom everyday since Elementary and basically picking one person at random to decide to have a crush on (mainly boys) because I just assumed thats how everyone else did it? And then there was sexual attraction which m
  7. It has taken me a very long time, but I think I've finally accepted myself as aro. I no longer look at my label with doubt and sadness, but with genuine pride. I have to thank this community for being so diverse and welcoming! I've always been supportive of acearo rights, yet discovering that I was apart of you all along was admittingly frightening. But being aro won't stop me from being happy, in fact I think I am now happier with myself this way. Overall, thank you.



    1. aro_elise


      i'm so glad.  it's been 5 and a half years for me and i'm just happier all the time

    2. MulticulturalFarmer


      Same here, though I'm still working on it! Still navigating the sadness, loneliness, and figuring out how to get QPRs.

  8. @HotRamen sorry for the late reply, but here it is! https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/hooverville/list?title_no=572627 Like I said, neither characters have been offically revealed yet, but I will as soon as I get the chance to. (also, I try my best to tag possible triggers/content warnings since heavy topics are going to occur sooner or later)
  9. Aside from the various art projects I told myself I was gonna do, I think I wanna work on being kinder to myself. Last year really took a toll on me and my already horrible self esteem. I was still in deep denial of my aro identity and suffered because of it. I had also just gotten out of an emotionally/mentally abusive relationship that year, and the gaslighting that person did made me think horribly about myself. My goals are: 1. Be more open/accepting of my aro identity, 2. Continue to learn more about the aroace community, and 3. Improve my overall self image.
  10. Thank you so much for all of this, I especially found the blog really helpful!
  11. Would it be ok if I advertise my webomic in this thread? I have one acearo and one aceallo(?) character (although neither have been revealed to be so just yet, I am still only on episode 2) Otherwise, I will let you know if I find other comics with aro/ace characters
  12. So I am sure there is already an in depth guide somewhere on the internet, but I think its better to get multiple opinions from people who Identify as aro, ace, or aroace (+any variation that comes with). To be more specific, I plan on writing/developing some aroace characters (for my webcomic) and as an alloaro, I want to make sure I don't accidently misrepresent my aspec peers. Although the story won't revolve entirely around their relationships, I still want to make it an important part of their identity due to the lack of aroace representation. The first character is a sid
  13. Im alloaro and I also thought about getting into a somewhat sexual QPR. Im still not fully out as aro but I've been working on it. Hopefully I would try to use some of Holmbo's advice for myself. I wanna try out qprs in general just to see how they work. I wish the best of luck to you, Bas!
  14. Saw some acephobia on my tumblr dash today and felt disgusted. I'm not even ace, but this community has made me love ace people more than ever. Unfollowed immediately. 

  15. 1. There are a lot of aros who still want to be in relationships/like relationships in theory, so the lack of attraction but desire to be with somebody still makes you aro! (also, squishes (platonic crushes) are pretty common for aros to have and often get confused for crushes) 2. Although those things can be considered romantic-coded in context, there also present in a lot of non-romantic relationships! I say as long as your friends are ok with that level of affection, theres nothing wrong with expressing your platonic love that way 3. I go back and forth on this, but I would
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