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  1. idk friend, some people "catch feels" easily (for lack of better words.) I don't think you can control who you are romantically attracted to, or not. Or even how frequently you're attracted to people, or not. If someone is truly interested in people, but that romantic attraction fades and redevelops quickly. It's kind of out of their control, and I don't think shaming them is helpful. Also, I think there's nothing really wrong with casual or short-term dating. Sometimes, it really is just a fun thing to do (not that I have any experience lol) I think the key in any relationship is to comm
  2. late to the party, but I'm down! I'm also flexible on multiple platforms, i.e. discord etc
  3. I've been playing Among Us with friends allllllllll the timeeeee lately. Despite the lies, betrayal, and murder, I think it's a really great game to bond over. I'm down to have an Arocalypse Among Us server, if anyone else is?
  4. correct! My favorite is cherry chocolate chip from Braum's! TPBM has also descended into an Among Us obsession
  5. I'm wondering if what you're looking for is a QPR. Obvi, I don't know the answer to that, but perhaps that's what you're referencing when you mean "some kind of relationship." As for, the dating app thing, I wish. But sadly no. I definitely think there is a need for it though.
  6. I agree. or like?? just generally being rude/demeaning/ absolutely cruel to people that reject them it befuddles me endlessly
  7. Honestly, lately I think "Mad At Disney" (yes, the TikTok song) could have an aro reading
  8. Could you have a foreword? Or a glossary that defines aro and ace? So the reader goes in knowing that there's a difference between the two, before the story even starts? Also, idk if this would work b/c you mentioned that it's unlabelled and the self-discovery aspect is a v important theme. But could you mb already have a character in a sexual qpr or non-sexual romantic relationship? Mb that spurs questioning, but also self-doubt? or maybe for some reason the MC can't ask the aroallo/aceallo character about their lifestyle/preferences???? So there's never an explicit explanation, but mb j
  9. I agree with previous comments. Personally, I'm not wholly fond of the idea that the closest you can be with someone is as a romantic partner. But otherwise, it looks really great! It's really clean, informative, and refreshing, also super easy to read! Kudos to you! Most of all, I think it'll be really effective for those who choose to use it!
  10. boba

    Mental Big Brother

    I do. But less now. I've thought about what other people would think if they saw me doing something, constantly wondering if what I'm doing is ok or good enough? Or like, if I'm holding hands with a friend, I'd wonder what my other friends would say. Would they think it's weird? I've learned that the people I'm scared of tend to appear the most often, and that's pretty indicative of 2 things. (1) it really shows how much I care about what other people think. and (2) it shows that I think their opinion of me would be swayed if I truly behaved how I wanted to behave. I've realised that
  11. ??? was I the only one who really struggled to read that 😖 ??? I'm fairly confident only my reading comprehension skills, so idk if it was their writing or my inability to read atm. I think they're trying to advocate for individuals who don't strictly identify as aroallo or alloace? But the way they go about it seems to specifically target the aro community, particularly aroallos. Anyway. "I worry how Allo is used in aro spaces." I wonder how they differentiate individual aroallo pride from an aroallo individual being anti-ace. As an aroallo, I 100% believe you can have pride without bein
  12. Literally, I would love that. I go to a school in a very Republican and a very white state so even being 'out' is kinda a big deal. It would be a complete dream to go to a Historically Queer College (if someone ever made it a thing.) Like, I can only imagine queer culture being the norm. And then the gay bars, drag shows, PRIDE, celebrating the various orientation weeks, just general nonconformity. That would be such a dream.
  13. I just tried making one, but the cheapest app-making service is $18/mo. (which as a student, I cannot pay for lol.) But if anyone does have that money and wants to spend it to create an app, here's the link to the service: https://snappy.appypie.com/appbuilder/creator-software/ It was very user friendly. It'll ask you what genre your app is most like, and there's a dating option. (I know our app won't be used for dating, but the other options were like insurance, fitness, entertainment, etc.) And there's plenty of customisation options available for aesthetics. Like I said, I just ca
  14. ahaha I feel you on this one. Yeah, sometimes when I'm my most loneliest and insecure I wish I was also. It's hard to accept that I have to be the one that fully provides my own self-confidence and self-esteem. I think that responsibility is expected out of everyone, but Aros don't always have the privilege of sharing that burden with others. Idk if that made sense, or if that's just my insecurities speaking. It's hard to feel comfortable with "Am I enough for myself? Bc it sure doesn't feel like it." But yeah, I understand what you mean. Maybe one day we'll stop feeling like that
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