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  1. Yeah, I figured I could be aro about a year or a year and a half before I figured out I was bi. But honestly, I think that I never would've been able to come to terms with my bisexuality if I hadn't realised I was aro first. I'd be so confused about why I was interested in women but interested at the same time? So it only made sense that I had to define my lack of romantic attraction before I could define anything else.
  2. Same. I don't despise it, but it always seems to have the same connotation to me as 'oh you'll find the right one, some day.'
  3. I'm always looking for people to co-op with, so if you're in the same boat or interested, drop your server and UID below. EU | 709197928
  4. Can't talk on behalf of other aroallos, but yeah. I do get tired of it. Especially since recently a friend and I were trying to do narrative playlists for the last few years of our lives, and I genuinely couldn't find enough songs that didn't have romantic love????
  5. (Just for fun! Can be visual art too? I guess?) I'll go first! My favourite musical artist is tied between BIGBANG or Taylor Swift. And the song "I Did Something Bad" by Taylor is my current vibe!
  6. idk friend, some people "catch feels" easily (for lack of better words.) I don't think you can control who you are romantically attracted to, or not. Or even how frequently you're attracted to people, or not. If someone is truly interested in people, but that romantic attraction fades and redevelops quickly. It's kind of out of their control, and I don't think shaming them is helpful. Also, I think there's nothing really wrong with casual or short-term dating. Sometimes, it really is just a fun thing to do (not that I have any experience lol) I think the key in any relationship is to comm
  7. late to the party, but I'm down! I'm also flexible on multiple platforms, i.e. discord etc
  8. I've been playing Among Us with friends allllllllll the timeeeee lately. Despite the lies, betrayal, and murder, I think it's a really great game to bond over. I'm down to have an Arocalypse Among Us server, if anyone else is?
  9. correct! My favorite is cherry chocolate chip from Braum's! TPBM has also descended into an Among Us obsession
  10. I'm wondering if what you're looking for is a QPR. Obvi, I don't know the answer to that, but perhaps that's what you're referencing when you mean "some kind of relationship." As for, the dating app thing, I wish. But sadly no. I definitely think there is a need for it though.
  11. I agree. or like?? just generally being rude/demeaning/ absolutely cruel to people that reject them it befuddles me endlessly
  12. Honestly, lately I think "Mad At Disney" (yes, the TikTok song) could have an aro reading
  13. Could you have a foreword? Or a glossary that defines aro and ace? So the reader goes in knowing that there's a difference between the two, before the story even starts? Also, idk if this would work b/c you mentioned that it's unlabelled and the self-discovery aspect is a v important theme. But could you mb already have a character in a sexual qpr or non-sexual romantic relationship? Mb that spurs questioning, but also self-doubt? or maybe for some reason the MC can't ask the aroallo/aceallo character about their lifestyle/preferences???? So there's never an explicit explanation, but mb j
  14. I agree with previous comments. Personally, I'm not wholly fond of the idea that the closest you can be with someone is as a romantic partner. But otherwise, it looks really great! It's really clean, informative, and refreshing, also super easy to read! Kudos to you! Most of all, I think it'll be really effective for those who choose to use it!
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