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  1. I've never seen someone flip the order, so I can't say that it's sacrilege. But I also wouldn't advise flipping text. However! What I have seen people do is separate the panels, and then play them one after another, sequentially. It's a lil bit more editing, but if you're up to it!
  2. Growing up I was always completely oblivious when other people liked me. So my "rejections" were always a little awkward and not so elegant. So the question is, "What's your worst rejection story?" Mine is from highschool. It's not a fun one though. I had made it evidently clear that I didn't like him back, but I was flattered by the sentiment. But he wouldn't take no for an answer, and the situation spiralled out of control. It became a stalker situation for an entire semester. But yeah... I hope y'all have funnier stories???
  3. Soo Won from Akatsuki No Yona is confirmed aromantic, but it's a manga (so I don't know how nice it'll look/flow in a video.) I've linked the most recent 'evidence' scene and then a Tumblr post that has the rest. The Tumblr post has subtle SPOILERS and it's actually hoping that SooWon isn't aromantic. So I don't really agree with them, but they did a good job of collecting and showcasing the evidence to imply that SooWon is aro. http://manga-kakalot.com/chapter/akatsuki-no-yona-191.5/1?page=5 https://freewilllife.tumblr.com/post/157271788292/soo-won-and-romantic-relationships
  4. I'm willing to help! I'm a native English speaker, if that helps? I know GLAAD has an article/thing on aromanticism, if that's acceptable? I've never done any Wikipedia work, but if wanted, I can get a Viet translation!
  5. I think I tend to agree. The term "ally" implies cis het. So including it in the term LGBTQIAA+ just doesn't make sense. I get that feeling of, "I thought I had a community/label that I can call my own. But now I don't even get that privilege."
  6. That makes sense. I'm not opposed to adding another A or having any of the A's stand for a-spectrum. I absolutely do think that the agender community deserves a letter/identifier that fits them and is inclusive to them. I think the main part that I was, and still am, struggling to see is how ally would fit as an A without defeating the utility of the term LGBTQIAA+.
  7. hmm, I think it would fit under the T right? As trans is seen as an umbrella term for the non-binary community? Feel free correct me if I'm wrong!
  8. I was having a convo with a friend about how a local orgs stopped using LGBTQ+ and started using LGBTQIAA+ instead. I always assumed the AA meant ace and aro. And she said that she googled it to find the internet split on a-spectrum and ally. Personally, that doesn't sit well with me because the identity LGBTQ+ has always exclusively belonged to queer individuals, and the attachment of the last "A" as "allies" essentially brands the term LGBTQIAA+ as "anyone that's not a phobe." I think the use of term LGBTQIAA+ is important, especially if you live in a region where you still have to use labels to explain yourself. So adding "allies" as the A takes away the purpose of the acronym. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'd love to hear y'all's thoughts?
  9. I'm Viet! My parents swear they're not phobic, but the idea of me being queer is unwelcome to them. So, I'm not out in terms of sexuality. But I've dropped major hints (aka outing myself during my wisdom teeth surgery) about being aro, but I dont think they understood. But I honestly think they'll experience less stigma about the aro part. As a kid, they were super strict on dating. I told my cousin that I thought a boy was cute (literally just physically attractive) in kindergarten! She told my parents that I had a boyfriend. Not only did I have to break up with someone I was never seeing (He literally did not know I existed, and I think they talked to his parents too. LOL.), but they forbade me from dating theoretically till end of college. Which obviously was not a problem for me since I never wanted to date anyone. I just assumed that I was too young. But I watched as all my friends started entering relationships, and my parents quickly realised that too. Suddenly the conversation became, "We're not forbidding you to date! We just want you to be safe and studious!" but lmao. sike. ya girl is aro, so...insert awkward peace signs!
  10. It can be! Regarding romantic relationships: I can only speak about my own experience though. Personally, I was always fond of the idea of a relationship. Like, yeah I wanna be best friends with someone for life? A person who is obligated to listen to me rant when I have to? Duh! (but lmao that last meant that I needed therapy. But I digress) But everytime someone was romantically interested in me / had a crush on me, my gut instinct was to run away. I can't describe it other than fear mixed with a little bit of digust (not all Aros feel this in this intensity). I never understood why they couldn't just stop? Or if my friends were in dreadful relationships, it confused me why they would stay? If they know it's unhealthy, why couldn't they just cut it? For a long time, I was wondering if my familiar trauma caused an intense fear and lack of commitment. But really, I just never wanted to be in a relationship. A good identifier is, have you ever had a crush? A crush is said to be one of the first/ most basic forms of romantic attraction. So if you've never had one and you're in your late teens, it could be a sign that you're aro. If you've only had one or two? Maybe take some time to assess if that was you having a crush or if it was you feeling like you HAD to have a crush. Compulsory romantic feelings aren't romantic feelings. But if you have had a crush, chances are that you're not aro! Regarding physical relationships: Some aro individuals, also ace individuals, are repulsed by physical relationships. I would look into the terms sex-repulsed and romance-repulsed. But I can't comment too much since I don't share the same sentiment. I will say that I am selective with the people I'm physically affectionate with. I quite literally will only be physically affectionate with someone if there is no chance of them catching feelings for me. If you do take the discovery journey and figure out that you're aro/ace, congrats! Welcome to the fam!
  11. Soo-Won from Akatsuki no Yona is confirmed aromantic
  12. I have friends who joke around and imply that I'm romantically interested in someone. This has typically taken the form of the following: - "Soooooo, I heard you and ------ went out for boba the other day?" - "Wow, being extra flirty today, I see you." - or the general teasing/encouragement of someone else who is interested in me, despite them knowing that I can never return that interest I've talked to them a few times about how I'm not that pleased with it, and it's always the same response. "We were only joking. Chill. We know it's not gonna happen." Which only frustrates me further. I can't tell if I'm just being sensitive??? Or is this romantic-repulsion. I always considered myself pretty romance-positive. I like fluffy fic/lit. Rom coms are alright. I have OTPS in various medias. So, I guess the real question I'm asking is: Is this just a Me thing? Or is it an aromantic thing?
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