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  1. I’m not out because it won’t really change anything and it could also make things more complicated and I’d get stressed out because of the environment. I guess I’m fine with dealing with expectations and such, I’m starting to get used to it. I used to be very romance-repulsed but after looking into my identity, I felt more indifferent and it’s enough for me personally. It does get annoying with some type of jokes/discussions that involve me in some type of romantic relationship in a traditional sense, but again, I can deal with it so yeah.
  2. I’ve had multiple cats, hamsters, and a rabbit. I currently only have one cat though, but in the future I’d like to try taking care of a dog. I do like plants and really love nature, but I have no skill in gardening (I don’t know where to start oof). I’m also planning to live somewhere more natural or at least have a big garden.
  3. Same, I’m still a questioning mess but this place just feels so accepting and chill haha
  4. I’d rather accidentally noclip reality and get stuck in a liminal space for the rest of my life than get married
  5. As much as I love both, I’d prefer to be a cat because I get to be fluffy and have claws for self protection. chewy candy or hard candy?
  6. Again, could be my romance repulsion, but I hat two moments where people might consider someone giving me a letter as a sign of romantic interest. One was at middle school graduation, and it definitely made me very uncomfortable because not only that it’s probably someone crushing on me, it’s from a kid that’s in another class, and my teacher is the one who told me (so that’s awkward as shit and terrifying at the same time oof). I forgot about it soon after though. And then another time was when there was this event that you can give Christmas event cards to friends or people you want to give
  7. A friend played this with my close friends without me knowing or actively joining. He chose to kill me. I said ‘good, thanks’
  8. Though we are in a pandemic right now, my school uniform and the whole aesthetic of it is very green. Plus green is already my favorite color, so that’s a plus!
  9. Ooh! I lucid dreamt once and simultaneously all detached my fingers painlessly because of course that’s the first thing I’d do haha
  10. I’ve had super vivid dreams before, especially in a period of time where I was trying to lucid dream. I remember a lot of them, they’re never the ‘good’ type of dream, more of the ‘weird’ or ‘borderline creepy’ type.
  11. I love Nintendo games, but recently I’ve been playing Tomodachi Life and Miitopia. I’d say Kirby and Pokèmon are also pretty fun.
  12. I’m still unsure about my place on the aro spectrum but just recently I found that I relate to a lot of ace/aro experiences and feelings and looking through those experiences I felt kind of...seen? I just turned 17 lmao I’ve had a few crushes but only one lasted long because we’re already close friends. The other ones kinda faded after a few months and I generally didn’t like thinking about it. Those few crushes are also usually with people I’m technically friends with and already know for a few months or so. So from that I concluded that I might be demiromantic. This also applies
  13. Kinda. Tho I’m still unsure, I would’ve been more chill around the opposite gender because then I’d know I won’t get teased and stuff haha
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